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Smart Valley Token Sale

Smart Valley Token Sale

Singular Decentralized Platform for All

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Upon completing an in-depth analysis of the market, we formed a hypothesis that the probability of an innovative startup or project’s success is correlated to the quality of the relationship between three key business components: investors, project developers, and experts. The quality of the relationship is determined by how easily and efficiently the participants communicate with each other, if they can communicate at all.

Judging from facts and existing trends, this hypothesis appears very reliable and thus serves as the basis for the SMART Valley project and its mission: to create an ecosystem that can provide fertile grounds for the development and use of innovative ideas, creation of advanced and promising technologies.

A further, more detailed analysis of the communication between the above-mentioned groups has revealed a number of key problems (barriers) to increased efficiency. The objectives of the SMART Valley ecosystem reflect our intention to overcome these barriers.

Key issues encountered by investors

Proliferation of scams and fraud Asymmetry of information caused by the fact that market participants possess different amounts of knowledge about various investment projects and tools.The slowness of the investment process and low liquidity of venture investment, which is due partly to infrastructural factors and partly to the potential for venture funds to easily exit the projects and companies they finance.

Key issues encountered by project developers

Lengthy fundraising periods.Counteragent risks—that is to say, the risk that a service provider or counteragent will not fulfill their contract obligations (whether financial or quality-related).High costs, especially PR and marketing expenses.

SMART Valley solution

A unique scoring service that ensures the selection of the highest-quality projects and automatically blocks scams.The use of distributed ledger technology guarantees the full transparency of all transactions and the identification of all platform members.The closed and transparent system architecture together with practical investment tools allow for the investment process to be sped up (a crowdsale constructor service).

A straightforward and convenient fundraising procedure.Verified service providers,A minimal number of intermediaries, competitive service rates on the platform, and a chance to reduce marketing budgets—all due to the closed and transparent character of the ecosystem and the presence of key business players who can directly influence the success of a project.

SMART Valley Ecosystem

The SMART Valley ecosystem includes three key components: investors, projects, and experts and service providers. The creation of the ecosystem will be carried out in two stages, the first being the setting up of the key element of the framework—a decentralized scoring system—and the second, the realization of a set of three other SMART Valley services—the deal mechanism, the expert market service, and a fundraising tool.

The main difference between the SMART Valley platform and its competitors is the emphasis it places on solving the problems of on the three key components. As our analysis of both direct and indirect competitors shows, three models dominate on the market, each of which focuses almost exclusively on the issues of one component, either investors, or projects, or experts. The SMART Valley model hypothesis states that it is impossible to resolve a complex issue by concentrating on just one of its aspects.

The SMART Valley ecosystem approach ensures a unique synergy with emergent properties. The competitive advantage of the project’s ecosystem is driven by the very architecture of the system and four of its services, which provide solutions for the problems of each of the three project participant groups.

Services of the SMART Valley ecosystem

The scoring system >> The scoring system constitutes one of the key SMART Valley services and serves as a foundational tool for solving various problems encountered by investors, projects, and experts.
Safe deal mechanism >> a conflict resolution service that guarantees the performance of clients’ and service providers’ respective responsibilities.
Expert market >> a service that allows project founders to find team members or hire service providers, all while helping experts and providers find clients or employers;
Fundraising tool >> a service aimed at facilitating the search for funds required by a project.

The fundraising service

This service allows projects to get published on the platform and raise investment. The tool makes the fundraising process more straightforward and, more importantly, efficient. The key to the efficacy of the service is the unique architecture of the ecosystem itself, which brings together all the key business players (investors, projects, and experts), connecting them through the unified informational space of SMART Valley.

This allows for better control of project marketing costs and facilitates the search for funds, since the target audience required for a successful launch of a project is already present on the platform.

Another important feature of the service is its ability to democratize the financial support for innovation. The ecosystem is designed to accommodate not only ICOs (more details on ICO project development within the system will be given in the next section), but also crowdfunding projects and companies that require any of the services provided by the SMART Valley ecosystem.

In this way, SMART Valley seeks to minimize the number of intermediaries involved in financing innovations, while at the same time creating favorable conditions for a coexistence between institutional and small private investors and keeping the system simple, pluralistic, transparent, and democratic.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


560 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


450 days ago


SVT of SMART Valley ecosystems will be distributed as follows:

  • Sale - 75%
  • SMART Valley team, Bounty, Early Investors, Advisers - 25%

Depending on the amount collected, the structure of the budget will be as follows:

Scenario 1:
40% - Operating costs and project development
60% - SMART Valley Financial Center

Scenario 2:
15% - Operating costs and project development
85% - SMART Valley Financial Center

Scenario 3:
10% - Operating costs and project development
90% - SMART Valley Financial Center


  • Alexey Voronin
    Founder of Smart Valley
    Founder at Zeus crypto exchange, Co-Founder at ICO Lab Fund
  • Alexander Ruchiov
    President of Osnova Group
  • Vladimir Zhiganov
    Managing partner at ICO Lab,
    CEO and Co-founder of "DNK Business", Legal support and financial audit expert
  • Sergey Ruchiov
    CEO of informational technologies and innovations of "Fiztehpark"
  • Valentin Livkin
    CTO, Blockchain Architect,
    Head of software developers group with 12 years experience in IT
  • Vladimir Marinovich
    Ex-CEO of Gett,shareholder at Gett, business experience of more than 25 years
  • Vladimir Manzyuk
    System analyst, winner of a number of blockchain competitions – BlockChainHack, LaToken Hackaton, ETHWaterloo
  • Vadim Chupin
    Blockchain engineer with 7 years of experience in strategic and operational consulting
  • Konstantin Zhukov
    Senior software developer with 6 years experience in highload .NET applications
  • Maksim Zakharov
    Developer with experience in cloud application development
  • Maksim Guryev
    QA engineer with experience in security testing of billing systems
  • Andrey Denisyuk
    Project manager with expirience of launching start-ups in fintech area

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