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HOQU Token Sale

HOQU Token Sale

HOQU to Offer a Better Ecosystem for Merchants and Marketers

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HOQU - With the dramatic number of Businesses That Accept Bitcoin, the popularity of this particular digital currency has risen. This turn of events sure seemed highly unlikely back in the day. When it was first introduced by an anonymous, the concept received mixed reactions. The loyal supporters were attracted by its fundamentals and decentralized concept.

Those who have been in the finance industry for so long were among the few who spoke against Bitcoin. The fact it resides in an uncharted territory made it susceptible to many negative assumptions. Many of them cited the uncertainties and risks of Bitcoin as the biggest factors that made it dangerous. However, this did not sway loyal supporters away.

Instead of turning their backs on the new sensation, they did completely the opposite. They started mining and investing their money in Bitcoin. They stayed even when the initial value of 299-dollars per Bitcoin fell all the way down to 50-dollars. Their steadfast nature might rise questions. But if there was one thing they believed in that the experts didn’t understand, it was the concept.

Bitcoin is far from the conventional currency that we have always had and used. It’s not heavily controlled by a few group of institutions along with the government, it’s not affected by current issues. Its decentralized concept means that no one could claim ownership nor could they control it. Everyone is equal in front of the technology and is treated accordingly.

The cutting edge technology that powers the cryptocurrency really is the star in this equation. Unlike groups of people who may or may not work according to those in power, blockchain promotes transparency. No single person can tamper with its data, and it’s incredibly secure – something that is rare in this digital age. As results, data is fully accessible and cannot be changed.

Speaking of the digital era, as we know it, it doesn’t only bring us security issues. On a lighter note, it brings us so many opportunities and completely enhances our lives. One aspect that has been enhanced and simplified at the same time is the marketing industry. On the cryptocurrency point of view, this doesn’t only include technological advances like Bitcoin ATM Houston. But also how we do business.

Digital marketing is predicted to surpass 335-billion dollar mark in 2020. This major jump is all thanks to the addition of internet marketing and its marketing branches. There are quite a few branches in this category, but one of the biggest is the affiliate marketing industry. HOQU is aware of the bright future of this branch and sets out to accommodate affiliate marketers in optimizing profits.

HOQU specifically created a decentralized ecosystem to provide affiliate marketers with their unique blockchain-based marketing systems. Not only does it optimize transparency, it also cuts down costs significantly. Their smart contract technology makes it possible for affiliate marketers to connect with merchants without brokers.

By eliminating brokers, marketers are able to keep more of their earning. For merchants, this means they may cut down budget for third-parties such as untrustworthy brokers and inefficient advertising. This ecosystem undoubtedly gives more profits and protects the Cryptocurrency Values.

Token Sale

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602 days ago

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511 days ago


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  • Alexey Shmonov - HOQU CEO and Co-founder
  • Ralph Liu - HOQU Advisor
  • Maxim Anikeev - HOQU CMO and Co-founder
  • Dr. Moe Levin - HOQU Advisor
  • Alexander Duzhnikov - HOQU COO and Co-founder
  • Alex Shifrin - HOQU Advisor
  • Andrey Duzhnikov - HOQU CTO
  • Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. - HOQU Advisor
  • Roman Kaufman - HOQU CVO
  • Abdelrahman Younis - HOQU Business Development
  • Mike Zarubin - HOQU Business Development
  • Pankaj Mondal - HOQU Associate Editor
  • Ko Sugimori - Asian Market PR & Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Xu Wei - HOQU Sales Management Officer
  • Alex Tsanev - HOQU Brand Identity Designer
  • Timur Poltorykhin - International Business Developer and shareholders board advisor
  • Sergey Skunov - HOQU Senior Developer
  • Sergey Bakhmet - HOQU Full-Stack programmer
  • Andrey Grishin - HOQU Full-stack programmer
  • Alexander Zosimov - HOQU Full-stack programmer
  • Vladimir Kamensky - HOQU Project Manager

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