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Datarius Token Sale

Datarius Token Sale

The first social decentralized cryptobank

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Cryptocurrency market and FinTech companies have become ingrained in our everyday lives. According to forecasts of The World Bank, 10% of world’s GDP will be processed by means of blockchain by 2025. Cryptocurrencies are already demonstrating benefits for public, but have not yet received wide opportunities to implement full power of their truly breakthrough technologies in "physical world" mode. Many high-end ITOs focus their eorts on providing possibility of using cryptocurrencies and services in everyday life, creating advanced decentralized banks for this purpose.

Datarius oers a wide range of tools in investment, credit and currency fields. FinTech startups,individuals and legal entities gain access to loans, bailment and investments. Flexible system allows any customer to transfer their personal and/or company accounts to cryptospace, considerably saving on banking servicing and even earning from it.

Datarius products have simple, completely transparent and comprehensible conditions without hidden fees and "fine print requirements".

Datarius is a partially closed system in which a part of funds always remains inside. The cryptobank is the guarantor of the fact that cryptocurrency exchange prompts a "financial bubble" jump, that can burst at the most unexpected hour, but will not grow. All data is under reliable protection of the system, which excludes the possibility of illegal money circulation.

In Datarius project, customer receives a rating and gains full access to various service sectors. Depending on its value, users can try themselves as borrowers or investors, place funds at any deposit to accumulate interest.

Datarius is not limited to operations within cryptocurrency system. It provides gateways for both national banking and electronic payment systems. Account holder can pay cryptocurrency for goods and services, pay bills in online stores that support this type of payment.

Customers of Datarius cryptobank can customize personal cabinet for their own needs. Initially, all users have access to standard simplified model, additional services can be added at any time. A set of these advantages is far from all that Datarius project oers. In addition to payment,investment and credit systems, Datarius oers currency transactions that gain popularity. Automatic interchange, internal exchange and gateways to the TOP-exchanges will be available for users.

Automatic exchange is a traditional currency exchange in cryptobank’s own exchange. In internal exchange, it is possible to choose dierent rates at which participants profit without bank regulation,and thanks to gateways to TOP exchanges, users are invited to exchange their funds at the cryptocurrency best rates.

Datarius gives users 3 options for direct lending, from which one can choose the most adequate.For investors there is a flexible system of deposits in Datarius, 2 options for investment programs and "demand deposits" service. Thanks to use of quick-turnover instruments, depositors have simplified opportunity to earn money quickly and by legal means. Compared with mining mechanisms, this is a much simpler way to multiply your capital.

A distinctive feature of Datarius Cryptobank was exceeding of crowdfunding platform limits and, as a result, emergence of a more ecient services for legal entities.

Datarius oers companies to take out credits directly without intermediaries. This allows organizations to obtain required amount on attractive terms for a short period of time.

Datarius combines features of decentralized and traditional banking systems. When opening an account for a cryptocurrency, Datarius opens a real account for a physical person in customer's name.In current situation with legislative status of cryptocurrencies, this expands customer's payment abilities while blockchain economy is in development. All Datarius customers can use their bank account funds with no limit, as if they used traditional bank services.

Datarius is open for cooperation with other blockchain projects and plans to assist market participants in overcoming cryptocurrency transaction barrier within payment system. For this, unique methods of verification for their partners were developed.

Project creators considered possible failures of automatic rating system of the borrower and added user ratings of individual system participants, user groups and specific transactions. These and other parameters form participant’s general rating, which allows for more objective assessing of prospects for mutual interaction.

Milestones Plan

Datarius is the first social cryptobank based on P2P system. Project team provides access to a decentralized system of financial services for a wide range of people: those who are already aware of the cryptocurrency market and those who are still wary of such services.

Another overarching aim of the project is to bring cryptocurrency system from virtual space to “real” financial services market, preserving the best features of traditional banks, but taking away bureaucratic practices and excess service costs. This will save up to 80% on services.

Development of multifunctional cryptobank is a complex process of integrating huge number of additional services, issuing and obtaining permits, registering founder organization and establishing shareholding order, drafting a charter and determining legal address of the bank.

Along with organizational moments, Datarius team will work to enhance preliminary agreements with potential partners and implement their services in the system.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


476 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


445 days ago


  • 73% of all released DTRC tokens will be available for bankers throughout all stages of token sale;
  • 20% of total number will be transferred to corporate fund after the release. It is formed by project founders and consists of two parts. 8% will be distributed between project team, 12% — a reserve fund managed by sta specialists to balance economic model of Datarius ecosystem;
  • 7% of released tokens will be oered as direct bonuses before the end of ITO. Datarius bonus fund is divided into two parts: 2% of total number of released tokens will be a bounty campaign fund, people and companies providing exclusive support for the project will use 5% of total number of tokens as bonuses.



1 000 000 USD
- Payment System Licensed Under the DPL
- Personal IBAN (co-branded)
- Multi-Currency Accounts
- P2P Lending
- Co-branded Credit Cards
- Asset Exchange
- Transaction Insurance
- Online Training Centre for System Users

5 000 000 USD
- Trust Management
- Membership in VISA and MasterCard Payment Systems
- Public API
- Mobile Applications
- Short-Term Accumulation Accounts ("Money Box")
- Consultants Training Program and Training Center Franchise

10 000 000 USD
- Credit Cards
- Virtual Cards
- Cold Accumulative Accounts (Hardware Wallets)
- Professional Managers and Analysts
- Portfolio Investments and Investment Packages
- Payment Schedule and Deferred Payments
- Integration with Instant Transfer Systems

20 000 000 USD
- Creation of Personal IBAN Accounts and Access to SWIFT
- Integration of Biometric Authorization
- Opening of Gateway to World's Cryptocurrency Exchange
- Fixed Cryptochecks
- Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

50 000 000 USD
- Mortgage Credit Lending
- Services for Small and Medium Business
- Establishment of Venture Capital Investment Fund
- Integration of Crowdfunding Platform
- Direct Access to Government Bond Market
- Private Pension Fund
- Commodity Exchange and Securities Exchange

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