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CoinLion Token Sale

CoinLion Token Sale

Learn. Build. Grow.

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Blockchain technology has made it possible to transact digital assets without the need for a trusted third party. Participants are able send and receive in a decentralized manner, while relying on continual validation of transactions.These transactions rely on cryptography to encrypt and secure information relating to each specific transaction. Thus the term cryptocurrency.

Using these technologies, new decentralized applications (dApps) are being created at a rapid rate. DApps are performing functions ranging from distributed storage, distributed cloud computing, decentralized financial applications, decentralized advertising, and more. This has given way to digital tokens or digital assets representing real world goods/services as well as digital goods/services. As digital currencies, dApps, and digital assets are continually being created, the way in which parties transact and manage these assets needs to improve.

CoinLion is building the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform with built-in portfolio management,atomic swaps, publishing and promotional toolset, dual blockchain order book system, and token generation capabilities.

Using the ERC20 smart contract powered by Ethereum, CoinLion will introduce a token, LION, that interacts with the platform. Users can spend and earn LION in many ways,including creating and sharing portfolios,strategies, research and content relating to the management.

The CoinLion Platform gives users the tools they need to make expert trading decisions. The platform also give users the power to learn, grow and build by sharing portfolios, strategies, and research. A native token, LION, gives users the potential to earn by providing value to the community and the CoinLion Platform, in turn creating an ecosystem where users can earn and spend while trading and managing digital assets.

CoinLion is building a simple yet powerful platform that enables users to not only exchange digital assets, but also earn and spend the native token, LION, for sharing portfolios, research, and strategies.

CoinLion brings modern portfolio management tools to the world of digital assets. Today, managing multiple digital assets using multiple wallets across various platforms is inefficient. Data and information is difficult to aggregate, making it a challenge to properly manage portfolios. With CoinLion, users can build and manage portfolios easily.

A key feature within the Coin Lion platform is the ability to share portfolios and information with other users. Users can create portfolios with a simple and powerful portfolio management tool.These portfolios can then be tracked by other users in exchange for LION.

This allows users to generate LION for sharing strategies with members who desire to use the information to manage their personal cryptocurrency portfolios. CoinLion is also building a world-class research and analytics library. In addition to custom research, CoinLion will purchase research from users with LION.

CoinLion is a unique, fully integrated, digital asset management solution, combining risk analytics with portfolio management, trading and analytical tools to support disciplined, efficient and controlled digital asset management processes.

CoinLion believes that users should be able to easily interpret the risks within their portfolios. The platform tools allow users to better understand the risks they are exposing themselves to within their holdings.

The industry does not have the customer service infrastructure in place to accommodate the volume of various user issues. CoinLion changes this by implementing a customer service and support model ensuring users’ concerns are addressed and resolved promptly.

CoinLion is building out a customer service team. We understand the need for users to be able to communicate directly with a representative via phone, chat, and support ticket. 5% of all funds raised will go directly to enhancing customer service and support.

Market Context

The market cap of digital currencies has grown from 91 billion in May 2017 to exceeding 175 billion in September 2017.Currently there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the form of digital assets and more are continually being created.

CoinLion allows for the management and exchange of cryptocurrencies while providing users with the tools they need to manage assets efficiently and earn the native token LION.

CoinLion Platform Features

  • Portfolio Management Tool (PMT)
  • Portfolio Management Tool Design
  • Wide Variety of Fiat, Crypto & Digital Assets
  • Dual Blockchain System (DBS)
  • Publishing and Promotional Toolset
  • ICO Underwriting
  • Blazing Fast Trade Execution, Atomic Swaps, Raiden and Lightning Networks
  • LION Market
  • Cutting Edge Trading Tools
  • Digital Asset Screener
  • Simple & Powerful User Interface
  • Research and Analytics
  • Sophisticated Reporting
  • Trading Costs
  • Algorithmic Trading Support
  • Margin Trading and Lending
  • Integrated Banking

Token Sale

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