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Vanywhere (VANY) Token Sale

Vanywhere (VANY) Token Sale

Giving people access to the world's largest collection of skills

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The internet has changed the way that we access information. But the way that we receive it hasn’t really changed in years. Every day, millions of people spend countless hours scrolling through pages of generic search results and anonymous recommendations.

It’s a live skill-sharing platform that instantly connects people seeking and offering skills, so you can get personalized results tailored just to you. All interactions happen through live, 1-on-1 video, voice and chat or offline gigs for freelance projects. Now instead of reading content online, you can pay by the minute to talk face-to-face with a person who has the exact skills that you need. It’s like FaceTiming with someone who can help you cook a meal, style an outfit, fix your smartphone, or more. Vanywhere. has a created a new business model based on the VANY token and alternative revenue channels that allows us to provide peer-to-peer transactions with minimal commission.

Vanywhere is a platform that offers live sharing of skills using Blockchain technology. Through Vanywhere, users can get personalized results that are tailor-made to their requests. The platform operates on smart technology and will utilise VANY tokens that’ll be available for sale in the first quarter of 2018.

Vanywhere Token Sale

The Vanywhere ecosystem will operate using an ERC-20 token known as VANY. This currency has a true value and utility. More so through the VANY token, the company is in a better position to create a system that doesn’t rely solely on the commissions earned from users. Consequently, transactions on the platform will attract minimal commissions.

Vanywhere’s Concept

The company will have a pool of skillers who will be in a position to earn money while offering their services. These skillers don’t necessarily need to be professionals; they just need to be good at their skill and the rest will flow. The platform helps the people with skills earn per minute through live chats or a stipulated fee for those working offline.

The skillers are divided into the following categories:

  • Professional Skillers
    These are professionals in their industries and have the necessary training to carry out tasks. They include skills from a wide range of professions such as accounting, cosmetology, computer programming among other fields. Skillers in this category are those that are already using freelance apps to provide their services.
  • Influencer Skillers
    These are people that have a huge social media following and use these platforms to advice people in matters regarding the particular fields they are in. Vanywhere provides a one on one platform where such social media influencers can interact with their followers and monetize these services while at it.Vanywhere is especially targeting those influencers with 10k to 100k followers since this lot hasn’t achieved the threshold where they can earn through sponsorship endorsements.
  • Everyday Skillers
    These are ordinary people that possess extraordinary skills. Such people possess basic skills which they are eager and willing to share with the rest of the world. Vanywhere will help such people earn some money as they share their skills.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


530 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


499 days ago



  • Rami Shechter, CEO and Founder
  • Itay Shechter, COO and Founder
  • Gilad Menashe, CTO
  • Paul Fischer, Creative Director
  • Dmitry Khmelnitsky, Art Director
  • Lior Boker, Business Development, WIX
  • Joel Telpner, Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP
  • Pnina Eytan, CEO Inovgate Singapore
  • Ralph Bou Nader, VP Genie-S International
  • Tal Navarro, Digital marketing advisor

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