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NTOK (Tutor Ninja Token)

NTOK (Tutor Ninja Token)

P2P online education platform

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While we are currently seeing the penetration of crypto into economic markets such as social media, trade etc. Many experts are also predicting the rise of blockchain in relation to education, and how it can be used for imparting scholastic information all throughout the globe in an easy and transparent fashion.

What is Tutor Ninja NTOK?

In its very essence, NTOK aims to serve as a “Peer to peer online education platform” that allows for educational material to become accessible to a large number of people (irrespective of their economic status). The folks over at NTOK believe that the current education model being followed worldwide is “out of date in terms of its technology adoption”, and as a result of this, it is highly inefficient in the way it imparts information to its pupils.

The mission of NTOK as per its website is to “facilitate learning, in particular that of foreign languages, through a peer-to-peer technology platform that connects tutors and students online”.

The main aspects of NTOK which make it highly unique include:

(i) Novel P2P Learning Platform:

This is a ‘first of its kind’ attempt to create an online platform that helps eliminate “geographical borders between tutors and students” via the use of latest technological advancements such as:High Quality Video and Superb Audio

In addition to this, the NTOK platform also comes loaded with additional peripheral features such as “whiteboards, lesson scheduling, payments and interactive learning methods”. Basically, the aim is to create a virtual classroom that uses the foundational structure of a P2P network.

(ii) Advanced Rating System:

Many people must have noticed that the rating systems used by various retailers and other websites have weaknesses, that expose them to the dangers of fake reviews. However, since NTOK is created on the blockchain, it is immune to any issues of false customer submissions etc.

(iii) No 3rd Party Interference:

As a result of its design, this educational platform completely eliminates the need for any “intermediaries between the tutors and students” (thereby, significantly reducing overall costs that are incurred by the pupil).

Other Things To Keep In Mind

  • Cheaper: as mentioned earlier, through the use of NTOK, students can directly get in touch with a teacher, without having to bear any additional costs such as tuition, maintenance or stationary fee. (only the teacher’s fee needs to be covered)
  • Fully functional: NTOK will provide users with the ability to interact with their mentor via High Quality video + audio.


NTOK Tutor Ninja Token Details

According to information gathered from the company's website, 3% of all released tokens will be put into a Bounty, whereas 7% will be used to replenish Tutor Ninja NTOK platform reserves. However, the major chunk (70%) will be released to the public, and 20% will be made available to the management and advisory team.

Additionally, there us a cap on that of $15m that has been set. The company’s native token will be ERC20 compliant. The sale will start on the 15th of January, and finish on the 15th of the following month.

In terms of the distribution of funds, we can see that :

  • 40% of all gathered money will be used to bolster current operations, reserves and even refinance certain aspects of the project.
  • 35% of all collected revenue will be used by ‘Marketing & Sales’ in order to help in the expansion of NTOK to countries all across the globe.
  • The rest of the funds will be used for product optimization including platform development, blockchain implementation, introduction of new courses and localization for various languages & countries.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


566 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


494 days ago


The Pre-Sale is to take place between December 5th,2017 and January 15th, 2017. At the Pre-Sale NTOK tokens will be sold at the following conditions: 50% bonus, minimum purchase of $25,000, 1 NTOK = $1.00.

The ICO is planned to take place between January 15th,2018 and February 15th, 2018. Tokens are expected to be distributed within 2 weeks after the ICO ends or earlier.NTOK tokens will be issued during the ICO at an initial price of $ 1.00 each during the first week of the ICO.

Token Distribution


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