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Beluga Pay Token Sale

Beluga Pay Token Sale

The First Complete Mobile Point of Sale System

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The Beluga Pay payment system impoverishes all methods of payment from classic fiat money to crypto currency. The platform is available on all types of devices — PCs, tablets, smartphones. Beluga Pay is maximally oriented towards usability for the user’s convenience of any level of training and age. First of all, the platform solves the problem of payments and transfers for people who have access to a bank account, and this is a huge part of the world’s population (by an estimated 39%). Beluga Pay already cooperates with VISA and Mastercard, and this opens huge prospects for rapid scaling around the world.

For whom the Beluga Pay platform is developed and its advantages Beluga Pay is targeted at both sides of the market :

For users — minimal commissions, fast transactions, security of storage, ease of use and intuitive interface.

For sellers it is an easy to integrate and use tool that helps to develop your business and attract more buyers. Statistical metrics allow traders to monitor their activities in real time. In addition, holders of Beluga Pay (BBI) tokens are provided with a share from all system fees.

Road map of the Beluga project from 2014 to 2018 The team began developing the system Beluga Pay three years ago, in 2014. At the moment this is a working platform that brings together more than 200 vendors (including companies such as Pioneer and Dupont), with the current beta version of the mobile payment application. Integration into the exchangers will take place in February 2018.

Features of ICO Beluga Pay The project displays Ethereum on the block with the ERC20 standard, as the most reliable for today.

Within ICO, a maximum of 40 million BBI will be realized. All unmarked tokens allocated to the ICO will be destroyed. This is a fundamentally important point for investors, as it significantly increases the value of their tokens in the overall capitalization of the project, unless Hardcap is reached. Investments are available in the Ethereum (ETH) crypto currency. The maximum fee for fees under ICO = 100,000 ETH

The value of the tokens for investors will depend on the stage at which they will participate in the ICO : From 1 to 31 October, there will be a 35% bonus — 1 ETH = 388.80 BBI tokens (minimum deposit 3 ETH and sale only on the white list) From 1 to 30 November, there will be a 20% bonus — 1 ETH = 345.60 BBI tokens From December 1 to January 14–1 ETH = 288 BBI tokens

The first complete mobile point of sale system

  • Merchants can accept Crypto and with Beluga’s existing VISA and Mastercard processing certifications, accept cards. American Express integration is currently a work in progress.
  • All point of sale products will be open source, allowing merchants to display their brand while Beluga quietly processes transactions and provides the tools needed to help businesses grow.
  • Beluga Peer 2 Peer is an accessible, easy to use app in the vein of Paypal or Venmo that facilitates p2p transfers. Users will be able to send via credit/debit cards or crypto. Funds can be deposited the next day into a user’s bank account.
  • Designed for the food and beverage industry, Beluga Restaurant edition streamlines communication and transactions between customer, kitchen, server and management. All software is optimized to run in areas with poor internet coverage.
  • Data, Data, Data. Beluga feeds vital analytics to merchants in real time, allowing them to make smarter decisions and grow their business.
  • The new Beluga product suite will heavily incentivise use of their native ERC20 token, BBI.

Token Sale

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