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Covesting Token Sale

Covesting Token Sale

The Most Profitable Trading Platform on the Blockchain

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The first things that many beginners seem to think of is How Are Bitcoins Mineds when they only started out. With its value skyrocketing from 5400-dollars in November to 15,000-dollars in the beginning of December, Bitcoin starts attracting investors. One of the first questions that pop up into their minds is if there is actually something left for them.

Bitcoin has been making headlines since its inception nearly eight years ago. But many of those headlines were about how fluctuating it the digital currency is. However, a lot of these naysayers misunderstood the new sensation. Bitcoin is not only about value, it’s about the technology behind it. This is the primary reason why despite its volatile nature, investors are still supporting the cryptocurrency.

However with its sensational value that keeps on raising, Bitcoin now is in the center of attention. People who are not exactly technology-savvy try their luck in trading. The goal is to reap profits, but is this actually possible? Surely their lack of experience and knowledge makes the attempt risky, right? Not necessarily. With Covesting, making profit with your investment is no longer an impossible thing.

Covesting boasts a feature that gives beginners the same opportunity to make profit as their professional trader counterparts. Thanks to its user-friendly feature, beginners will find no difficulties navigating their way around the platform. Not only that, Covesting also allows Mirror Trading which allows both investors and professional traders to work together.

Mirror Trading is a type of trading that allows investors to copy how professional traders trade. This allows them to get the same opportunity when it comes to make profit with their investment. But how does Mirror Trading work? Do professional traders get something in return for being copied? To answer this question, let’s go into the step-by-step process.

The first and foremost, an investor must register on the Covesting website. To be able to start investing, investors must set up their own fund in the account. The acceptable fund is either Ethereum token or Bitcoin, and once they have their fund ready, they are good to go. To start making profit, investors do not necessarily need to have the knowledge to do so.

Yes, to start trading, all they have to do is find one of the best professional traders in Covesting. Once they have found the trader they like, they may select to follow the trader in question and start copying. Just by copying the trader’s trades, new investors may choose the amount of fund they would like to invest in for each trader. And if you are wondering, you may copy trades of 20 traders at the same time!

Not sure if the model trade is actually good and profitable? Covesting has that covered as well! Users are able to get a complete overview on the professional’s strategy and access history. Not only that, users may check out its real-time trading performance and reviews, and even ask questions! Are you a trader? You will be able to get commission and extra perks in the process! That way everyone in the equation is benefited and able to get the most out of Cryptocurrency Values.

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