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ViMarket Token Sale (VIT)

ViMarket Token Sale (VIT)

Shop VIRTUALLY - Disruption of Retail Marketing

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ViMarket is attempting to solve a trillion dollar marketplace problem, by bringing together developers and 3D content creators with tastemakers and influencers to provide merchant sponsors with a new form of advertising platform. To enable our ecosystem to flourish, it begins with content creation and directing 3D developers and modelling enthusiasts to a new type of commercialization, via our proprietary tool; Editor.

Merchant Sponsors, seeking new ways to reach out to customers in a mission to unlock greater and deeper levels of understanding of their behaviour will partner with VIMarket to virtualize their physical products and track baskets that are purchased or abandoned.

These physical products will then be available through our repository, to be purchased by shoppers directly from our e-commerce platform where they may be able to browse the product in 3D via any web mobile or VR headset range. Or the virtual virsion of the product can be purchased using the platform’s currency (VIT) ViTokens along with any other virtual model in our catalogue, created by a 400,000 strong community of developers, not related to a physical product owned by a Merchant Sponsor.

VI Market is building out tools to satisfy humanity’s desire to express themselves via sharing media on the things that they like. People are becoming ambassadors and influencers of products and services but to date, the level of connection between brands and the aspiring customer-owner has to date, been limited.

ViMarket seeks to connect cutting edge technology with retail and social to create a new form of immersive advertising, taking social influence to a new level, engineering rewards for all parties involved .

ViMarket will virtualize and socialize the wish-list along with giving an insight into what a citizen already owns, via VIMI, station-builder and nation’s VR world. Wish-lists are collections of desired products saved by customers to their user account, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase.

Vi Market will offer users a browser extension, that activates, during the shopping experience. When a product is purchased on line, the ID of this inventory item will automatically be added to the users items of purchased inventory in their station.

More importantly, should the user quit before checking out, during the shopping experience,then ViMarket shall save the inventory that is in the user’s shopping cart and match the product ID with our database of Virtual assets. Upon logging into ViMarket this user will be able to purchase a virtual item of the product with ViTokens and arrange that in their station, in order to get a more realistic feel for how the item may look in their home.

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