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HDAC Token Sale (DAC)

HDAC Token Sale (DAC)

HDAC to Come Up with A Blockchain and IoT Solution

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HDAC - Back in January 2009, not everyone had an idea on How Are Bitcoins Mined let alone what to do with it. Bitcoin was still at its infancy then, and to a lot of people, the digital currency was no more than a concept. On paper, the concept that made transparency and security its focal point was indeed refreshing to say the least. More so when it hit every flaw that was associated with traditional fiat currency.

Unlike digital currency, fiat money is heavily controlled by a few group of people in the government. A few appointed institutions are also included in the process of controlling both the printing and circulation of it. Public have little say about the process, let alone accessibility. All that is possible for us to do is none other than earning it and spending it.

As result, the immense power makes it possible for the government to monopoly and set the value of the currency how they see fit. There’s no way for us to ever find out whether what they do behind closed doors is to our advantage or their own advantage. Most of the time, it’s to advance the country in general sense. The lack of reliability and credibility comes with the territory with fiat money system.

Digital currency, or cryptocurrency, is backed and run by the system. No select few has that much power  let alone to control the whole value and flow of the currency. This concept ensures not only credibility, but also transparency. Everything that has been recorded cannot be tampered with, let alone removed. It’s there for all to see and everyone will be able to access it.

Bitcoin is the first to pave the way. In the beginning it had to go through a series of ups and downs, with institutions repeatedly voicing their concern about the concept. Mistaking it as either a fraud or an insane type of investment, Bitcoin has come a long way to prove them wrong. Now in 2017, institutions which repeatedly questioned the system are forced to incorporate Bitcoin in one way or another.

It started with an onslaught of businesses jumping to the bandwagon. The moment Bitcoin’s value soared to 3,000 dollars just a few weeks ago, businesses pledged to accept bitcoin as payment. A move they made hastily in order to make profit. The number of Businesses That Accept Bitcoin are estimated to increase now that the value has surpassed 15,000 dollars for one bitcoin.

The fact that cryptocurrency has now become more popular isn’t lost on the latest M2M payment system, HDAC. Owned by Hyundai, the company has long been building its own hybrid platform to help the integration of blockchain technology to our economic system. Their hybrid platform is a cross between blockchain smart contracts with IoT concept.

The problem with blockchain is the fact that it isn’t inclusive. And despite its interconnectedness, the main problem with IoT is its lack of security and authenticity. With its hybrid platform, HDAC is capable of building a bridge and coming up with the best of both worlds. Offering the best payment system for digital currency with high Cryptocurrency Values like Bitcoin.



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