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Hurify Token Sale

Hurify Token Sale

An Ethereum Smart Contract Platform

Review Project

Hurify — A Decentralized smart contract platform that aims to connect clients and developers to build innovative IoT products/solutions. Hurify builds trusted platform where developers who are spread globally get paid securely for their contribution towards product development. It enhances IoT marketplace by swiftly converting any concept to prototype with low development cost. Effective talent search and secure on-time payment are few additional features make Hurify platform unique.

Development Completed

• Payment: This feature will enable Client to initiate payment for the developer after successful completion of the project. This will transfer HUR from Escrow contract to developer wallet. As per the workflow supported by the platform, the total HUR agreed between the Client and Developer for a project, will be transferred to Hurify escrow wallet after the contract is signed. Upon successful transfer, the platform will deploy a smart contract. HUR will be held in the escrow wallet and transferred to Developer if the project is successfully completed. The HUR will be returned to the Client if the project is not completed as per the contract.

• Feedback: This feature allows Clients to rate a developer based on the quality of work done, commitment and completing the project within the agreed time. This includes a rating with a number of stars. This rating will be added to developer’s profile. This feature will help the Clients to choose the developer based on the ratings earned on the platform.

• Tokensale integration: This feature will collect Know Your Customer(KYC) details from the token purchaser and present the Tokensale Terms and conditions. As part of the KYC, the purchaser must select the type of cryptocurrency he would like to use to buy Hurify tokens, The Hurify supports the following list of currencies for the presale

o Bitcoin (BTC)
o Ether (ETH)
o Litecoin (LTC)
o Dashcoin (DASH)
o Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
o Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

On successful submission of the KYC form, the purchaser will receive an email with the appropriate Wallet address to transfer the currency. The platform user will have an option to select the Tokensale from the menu to submit KYC form anytime. The purchaser should enter the transaction hash once the transfer is done. The transaction will be verified using the transaction hash to transfer HUR to customer’s wallet. This wallet address is also one of the information collected as part of the KYC form.

• Unique Hurify Profile ID: This feature assigns a unique profile ID for each user. This ID will be shared with the user in an email immediately after the successful email verification. The same will be presented as part of the profile. The user must use this Unique ID during token purchase. When the user submits the KYC form in Hurify platform for Token purchase, the Profile ID will be automatically filled. This feature will be moved to the Beta platform by end of this week.

Work in Progress

• Certificate: This feature will create a certificate for the developers upon successful completion of a project. For each successful project, the platform will create a certification with brief description of the project, duration, client name and feedback given by the client

Register at Hurify Platform to evaluate our platform. Registering at this platform is mandatory to purchase HURIFY tokens

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


536 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


509 days ago


Disclaimer : Canadian residents are not legally allowed to participate in the Hurify Project Crowdsale.


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