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CyberTrust Token Sale

CyberTrust Token Sale

CyberTrust to Offer Opportunity for Traditional Institutions

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The number of Businesses That Accept Bitcoin keep increasing as the day goes by. More so after the fact the reliability of Bitcoin has been established. Around eight years ago while it was still in its infancy, this might not even be in the wildest dreams of many of its long-time supporters. But things have changed by 180-degrees, what was put under immense scrutiny is now celebrated by many.

The value of Bitcoin has always been fluctuating. In the beginning it peaked at 266 dollars per 1 Bitcoin, and then crashed to 50 dollars for every digital currency owned. But the technology that powers the digital currency, along with the system have always been its saving grace. The cryptocurrency enthusiasts have always believed in it, long before the surge of new miners and opportunists come like a flood.

Now that Bitcoin has passed the unbelievable 15,000 dollars value per 1 Bitcoin, long time supporters and enthusiasts are rewarded. This is then followed with the public newfound interest in cryptocurrency, and soon more and more people try their luck in mining, trading and investing. With businesses showing leniency as well as interest in accepting Bitcoin as payment method. Many businesses gear towards the required steps to incorporate the technology into its own.

The fact that Bitcoin has begun to gain traction is undeniably a huge step for the digital currency world. It’s looking more and more ready to compete with fiat currency in the financial realms. However, despite of all these explosiveness, there has always been particular groups of people who are left behind. Many of them are not a non-believer in the concept, but it’s the lack of legal compliance that forced them aside.

Many enthusiasts would fiercely defend the crypto market that they know of. But to majority of them in this group, the lack of judicial recovery and auditable ownership cannot be excused. Obviously they want to be involved, but as CyberTrust has noted, this has been impossible for them. Business entity such as institutional clients, banks, and investors are at disadvantage.

This disadvantage happens either way. If they try to close their eyes on the fact that it does not come with legal framework, they may expose themselves to risks should theft or security breach happens. If they make a conscious decision to stay away from cryptocurrency, then they are unable to invest and the market cannot benefit from the capital.

To bridge the issue, CyberTrust as one of the best financial tech companies that is based in Luxembourg, comes with a solution. With its primary product referred to as CABS, the securitized crypto token that can be used in both arbitrage and sales. The tokens are also used to normalize various risks which are typically associated with the cryptocurrency.

Not only that, it can also be used to hold and buy derivatives, and most importantly create products that can be used for conventional financial institutions and banks. That way, what otherwise would be an unregulated assets can be transformed into assets with ownership and can come up with judicial recovery options protecting its Cryptocurrency Values.

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