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CREDITS Token Sale

CREDITS Token Sale

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Today the world has grown so rapidly to an easier life because technology has provided many facilities to support human life. In a smartphone device alone, we can do many things without having to leave the house. This is a new era in the world of fast mobility

The fastest growth in technology acceleration is the acceleration of information. An event that occurs in other parts of the world can be very quickly recognized by other parts of the world using a smartphone. This is a way of life that has high mobility

In addition to information media, one of the things that need to be improved in acceleration is financial services. Today many people subscribe to a product and they must make payments for the product. To simplify and speed it up there is a blank Credits. Credits is a financial service created with a new ecosystem that uses a blockchain base for a faster future

Guarantee system required. Personalization of users, KYC, credit bureaus, clearing clearing centers of law, withdrawals and currency. This is a barrier when developing peer-to-peer financial products from two basic tasks.

What is a Credits?

Credits is a new open source platform to provide financial services and management of each user using a decentralized blockchain system. Credits will provide peer to peer services in making financial payments so that the transaction will be cheaper the cost burden and faster

Credits use smart contracts to do its job and blockchain technology will record your transaction record with great transparency without any manipulation. Credits will emerge as a new generation in the financial system in an excellent ecosystem

The Credits system will allow users to build business credit, up to 100 million times per second. Speed Credits in handling financial users will make them able to play finances quickly so that income can be maximal.

How Does Credits Work?

The Credits platform provides a unique implementation of new blocking technologies, smart contracts, data protocols, and has its own internal encrypted currency. This is a platform with a network capability of new technology that has the advantages of speed, and and the cost burden is very cheap and affordable. Credits are open source platforms, which means that every user and or company can use a management agreement for online services.

Credit provides users new products to create consensus; a new plan is awake, an algorithm for.

The Credits platform provides solutions for low speed and high transaction costs. It is divided into potential blockchain technologies in the financial and networking industries. Credit's mission is to introduce blocked technology and crypto CREDIT technology everywhere, and make decentralized relationships become.

Credits make sales by ICO method. Credits issued token as a means of payment and means of investment to support and realize the great ideas that owned Credits. Tokens created using the ERC20 blockchain ethereum platform.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


591 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


494 days ago


Token Distribution


For Sale 60 %
For Operations 20 %
For Portfolio Founders 15 %
For Bounty 2 %
For Advisor 1 %


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