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BANKEX Token Sale

BANKEX Token Sale

Bankex Introduces the Real Advantages of Blockhain Based Asset Management

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Bankex Introduces the Real Advantages of Blockhain Based Asset Management

Bankex - As the popularity of Bitcoin is increasing, many people are starting to understand how to acquire Bitcoin and even how are Bitcoins mined. However, despite of that knowledge, acquiring Bitcoin is actually very difficult. It is even safe to say that in this era, Bitcoin is a privilege only some people can enjoy.

Bitcoin might hold the throne now and it is easier to find businesses that accept Bitcoin compared to other cryptocoins. However, Bitcoin is not perfect and it lacks features that some other coins can effortlessly provide. For example, up to this day, Bitcoin cannot be backed by an asset so this coin cannot be used for tokenization.

Luckily, there are plenty of other digital coins that support tokenization and one of them is Bankex. Tokenization is more than just converting a real asset into a token. It is actually a way to manage asset within blockchain environment.

Why Use Blockchain

Blockchain has been used in so many aspects of finance from a simple trade transaction to making contract. The fact that it is decentralized, ensuring the users’ privacy and doesn’t require third party intervention make blockchain a very trusted means of various financial transaction.

Besides of the obvious advantages above, what makes blockchain a great asset management and tokenization means? Firstly, digitizing an asset requires plenty of works. It needs various inspections, agreements from so many different parties, not to mention it is very time consuming. Ordinary digitalization system will not be able to deal with so many modules in one time and it is possible that it will result in errors.

This is where blockchain plays its biggest role. Blockhain has the capability to automate every transaction involving the assets. It is secure and reliable and most importantly, taking advantage of blockchain service means removing the needs of third party authorization.

As a result, the transaction will be faster, and most importantly transparent. The effect of transparency for an asset is clear.

Since the asset can be sold as digital product, it is going to be easier to trade the asset which will result in better liquidity. Whether it is business owner or traditional financial institution, the efficiency of blockchain in managing asset definitely will bring a terrific result.

Digitization vs Tokenization

Digitalization of an asset is even an older practice compared to tokenization. Even though the two is a two different practice, many people actually still think that they are same. So, what is the difference between digitization and tokenization?

Digitization is simply about making an asset available digitally. It includes creating the description of the asset and maybe photographing it to create a digital characteristic, then publish it to the market.

Tokenization, in the other hand, it adds financial components to the digitization steps. Furthermore, since only tokenization can be available in blockchain, only tokenized assets will have fraud proof characteristic that is the part of advantages blockchain provides.

Bankex takes tokenization to the next level by adding more features such as proof-of-asset protocol as well as mining capability. People who know how are Bitcoins mined will not have a hard time mining Bankex token and use it to protect their assets.

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