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HashHive Token sale

HashHive Token sale

Innovative Technologies of Cloud Mining

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Cloud mining –it is a process of extracting of crypto currency, using remote data center, where you can receive income without big risks when investing, to be exact, extracting of crypto currency on equipment installed remotely

Why cloud mining is better than ordinary mining

In case of buying ordinary miners, a number of problems must be solved:

  • Accommodation.Miners are quite noisy devices and placing them in living quarters will bring a number of problems.
  • Cooling.In connection with round-the-clock work, miners need a good cooling, due to which miners’life serviceis extended.
  • Power.One miner consumes about 1,4 kW/h on average, which requires a high-quality wiring in place. When installing more than 3 miners, the question arises of carrying out a separate wiring, since the standard household wiring are not designed for power about 4 to 6 kW.
  • Maintenance.Miners are periodically pending. Miners need to be tuned to the maximum speed and certain amount of time need to be spent for maintenance.


Feature and Advantage of the Project

  • Low cost of service.HashHive project uses modern equipment and technologies (described below), which significantly reduces cost of hash-power.
  • Reliability of service.One of the most important requirements for the service –its reliability and uninterrupted operability. Their reliability will be stability and time-proved. The HashHive project is absolutely open and transparent
  • Real equipment.By investing in HashHive project, you invest in real equipment, not in anillusory idea (software). Their project cooperates with large companies for the supply of immersion equipment.
  • Convenience.User-friendly interface, easy operation of service, affiliate programs, discount systems and much more will allow user to enjoy their service.


Immersion cooling system

In the real world, electronics is stronger and more powerful than ever, and requires hugeefforts to avoid overheating. As a result, from the very beginning, operating costs, overheads expenses and number of design restrictions increase.

Although the technology of immersion cooling system existed for some time, it has always been considered too advanced for the private sector or even for small engineering projects.

In line of HashHive project, it is planned to use immersion cooling systemfor mining servers.

Servers using immersion cooling system consume less power than air-cooled equivalents due to removal server fans and lower component temperatures. The power efficiency of immersion cooling system ranges from 1,03 to 1,05.

Power supply

Gas piston engines(GPE)are highly efficient equipment for generating electrical energy. Among other features, the engines can be presented in container-framed version. This solution can be applied without the construction of a separate building, which speeds up the commissioning and allows access to power in a short time.


To create the data center, modern equipment will be used for mining of crypto currency. They will try to diversify the risks by mining various crypto currencies.

Investment potential

The HashHive project plans to attract investments up to 30 million dollars. The main source of income is the mining and leasing of hash-power for mining. Part of the revenue will be constantly reinvested in the purchase and upgrade of equipment, as well as in improving the service it self.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


581 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


552 days ago


Total amount of 2,167,000 tokens will be issued. According to results of ICO, all unsold tokens will be burned. Since the total volume of sold tokens is not fixed,should be able to withdraw unrealized tokens.

Sold tokens will be distributed as follows:

90% Tokens sold during ICO
8% Company Reserve
2% Bounty


  • FEDOTOV EVGENII–Project founder. General manager.
  • SHELEMETEV ALEXANDER–Project founder. Lead IT developer. UI/UX design.
  • VOLKOV MIKHAIL–PR and marketing manager. Project developer.
  • ELIN STANISLAV–Project manager. Comunity management.
  • PIROZHENKO DENIS–Finance and business analytics. Financial model.Project developer


  • November 2017 - Token Sale
  • Q1 2018 - Data-Center Organization
  • Q2 2018 - Launch Of Data-Center
  • Q2 2018 - Beginning of Payments
  • Q3 2018 - Q1 2019 - Planned Project Capacity
  • Q3 2018 - Q1 2019 - Launch of Cloud Mining

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