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AURORA / IDEX Token Sale

AURORA / IDEX Token Sale

Decentralized Cryptobanking and Financial Platform

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Aurora is a collection of Ethereum applications and protocols that together create a decentralized banking and finance platform. Inspired by free banking, Aurora provides customers with an advanced,open, and stable financial network available to anyone in the world regardless of geographic location or class status. Aurora’s own stable currency, the boreal, is backed by a combination of cryptocurrency reserves and debt, and is available to customers via loans based on their digital economic reputation.Traders on IDEX, the network’s decentralized smart contract exchange, can utilize the boreal as payment for trading fees or as a stable base currency.

Decentralized Capital is a decentralized bank that provides loans to customers in the form of a new stablecoin, boreals. Demand for boreals is generated due to its stable value and use in loan repayment. Decentralized Capital will engage in a number of other different activities analogous to open market operations with the ultimate goal of boreal price stability, and a secondary goal of profit maximization.Decentralized Capital will expand the supply of boreals slowly over time. In the beginning boreals will be backed 100% by the ether that is used to buy them.

The components required to run the bank are computationally heavy and as such are not suited for operating on a blockchain. The majority of the infrastructure for Decentralized Capital's crypto-banking will therefore reside off chain on a distributed computing network. The end state is dependent on a decentralized infrastructure and Aurora will utilize one of the many options such as Golem, IEX,Maidsafe, or even its own separate network, to meet this demand. Operating Aurora as a decentralized network ensures that it is as robust as possible and free from DDOS attacks.


Boreals (BRL) is a price-stable decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. BRL supply is carefully managed by Decentralized Capital in order to match it with demand and maintain price stability, originally assessed by keeping parity with USD, and over time transitioning to a basket of goods and commodities. Boreals are backed by a combination of debt and reserves in ether.Decentralized Capital will initially aim for full 100% reserves in ether with the eventual goal to move to sustainable fractional reserve banking.


International Distributed Ethereum Exchange (IDEX) is a decentralized high throughput exchange network which is built into the Aurora client. IDEX is composed of a combination of Ethereum contracts and a shared database that matches trades and manages the order transaction queue. Revenue from this exchange network is shared equally between the bank and network participants running the Aurora client. Fees on IDEX may be paid on boreals at a slight discount, providing boreals with an immediate use case and helping establish them as a reputable stablecoin.

IDEX provides a real-time, high-throughput trading experience in conjunction with blockchain based execution and settlement. Users can trade continuously without waiting for transactions to mine, fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately and without gas costs.

IDEX is composed of a centralized trading engine and decentralized Ethereum smart contracts. The trading engine hosts the off-chain balances and orderbook, matches trades, and manages the queue of pending transactions, while the Ethereum smart contract stores all assets and manages trade execution and settlement. By separating trade matching from on-blockchain settlement, IDEX combines the speed and user experience of centralized exchanges with the security and auditability of decentralized exchanges.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


560 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


529 days ago


AURA Token Details

Supply: 1,000,000,000

50% will be used to help accelerate adoption of the Aurora network. Of the total amount of AURA tokens, 40% will be used to help subsidize the growth of Aurora by distributing AURA to users and community members through programs such as market maker rewards, marketing campaigns, and air drops. The remaining 10% will be given out proportionally to individuals who purchase IDEX memberships.

The remaining 50% of AURA will be used as follows:


For founding team 20 %
For future employee token pool 10 %
For future use 10 %
For initial investors 5 %
For businesses expenses 5 %



Alex Wearn CEO
Phil Wearn COO
Raymond Pulver CTO
Jet Yap COO
Brian Fernalld Full Stack Developer
Forrest Whaling Marketing


Oct 2017

   >> IDEX launch on the mainnet. Semi-decentralized architecture consists
of Ethereum smart contract plus central trading engine and transaction arbiter.

   >> API integration. Opening the platform via API access has enabled the
development of trading bots, increasing liquidity and improving market

Dec 2017

   >> DVIP membership sale starts

Q4 2018

   >> Boreals go live with market making to stabilize the price

Q3 2018

   >> Deploy childchain architecture, allowing IDEX to increase transaction

Q4 2018

   >> Decentralization of the orderbook and transaction arbiter.

Q1 2019

   >> Margin trading support. Including this functionality
in the protocol will put the UX on par with existing
centralized exchanges

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