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SimplyVital Health Token Sale

SimplyVital Health Token Sale

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SimplyVital Health, the Connecticut-based company pioneering a new paradigm for information sharing in the medical industry, is extending its token pre-sale in the wake of the recent resolution of the bitcoin fork drama, and to allow further prospective partners the opportunity to explore its business model and Health Nexus platform as a result.

With an increasingly connected world and a global shift away from payment based on volume in health care, providers and patients are seeking more efficiency in care coordination. When providers work together across clinical boundaries, patient care is better, more streamlined, and less expensive. However, existing siloed infrastructure creates a massive barrier, crippling the providers’ ability to improve care.

SimplyVital Health current platform in the market, ConnectingCare, is a realistic, practical utilization of blockchain technology: an audit trail of activity in the platform, a requirement of digital health companies. An intentionally simple introduction of blockchain technology into healthcare, this tool augments SimplyVital Health's current customers’ infrastructure using existing data to create care pathway flexibility, prospectively track financials, maintain immutable records, and accurately monitor analytics.

SimplyVital Health's team of experienced leaders in blockchain and healthcare with a track record of success. We are both futurists and realists. SimplyVital Health have thought deeply about where blockchain can lead healthcare. Most importantly, however, SimplyVital Health have the hands-on experience to turn a vision into reality.

Medical data on the blockchain

SimplyVital Health (SVH) was founded to overcome the tensions that exist around data sharing in the medical industry. Whilst ensuring reliable access to patients' medical information is critical for the best outcomes, this data is also highly confidential and its movement subject to stringent regulation. The result is that patient health can become an unintended casualty of data protection law.

Health Nexus, SVH's flagship solution, uses a permissioned blockchain to store and transfer data between nodes. Unlike bitcoin, Ethereum and other open blockchain platforms, every node or 'miner' that maintains the network must be validated, operating within the framework of HIPAA compliance. This means that while the system is highly secure and fit to deal with private healthcare data, patient information can move freely as required, without concerns about unauthorised access. Health Nexus can be integrated with existing healthcare systems for lower on-boarding costs.

HealthCash token

SimplyVital Health is holding a token sale for Health Cash (HLTH), the blockchain token that will power the system by providing rewards to the miners who maintain the network. This will also serve the purpose of attracting newcomers to the ecosystem, helping it to grow and reach critical mass quickly and bringing the exceptional benefits of blockchain technology to a wide range of healthcare providers, and provides additional revenue stream opportunities to healthcare partners.

The SimplyVital Health pre-sale has been extended until 20 February, with the main sale starting on 22 February. To find out more or participate in the token sale, visit

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


515 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


487 days ago


Token Distribution


For Sale 60 %
For Technical Token 13 %
For Team 12,5 %
For Consultans 10 %
For Bounty 4,5 %



Phase 1

   >> Deploying an ERC20 token

Phase 2

   >> Building initial Blockchain ecosystem

Phase 3

   >> Adding in the ability to create and
store keys and the creation of the consortium
and network

Phase 4

   >> Secure storage data layer

Phase 5

   >> Consortium and open source community
driving future developments

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