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Neufund Token Sale

Neufund Token Sale

Neufund is the new way to fund ventures

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Neufund is a community-owned fundraising platform. It acts as a bridge between the investment world and the blockchain space. Using our legal and technical infrastructure,startups and established companies alike can legally issue a new type of asset we call tokenized equity. We achieve this by formally linking traditional contracts with Ethereum smart contracts through mutual reference and code correspondence.

Once these shares are created, anyone can invest into the company issuing them and verify the company’s claims by checking smart contracts and transaction data on the public ledger. The result is a primary market for real world, technologically enhanced equivalents to shares – “equity tokens” – that aim to be as liquid as cryptocurrency. By joining the platform and bringing their fiat currency on-chain, users gain access to this market. In this way, Neufund also functions as a powerful mechanism for onboarding off-chain investors and companies to the crypto economy.

Companies can thus raise funds from investors in their existing network, as well as any cryptocurrency holder, or via the capital pool on the Neufund platform dedicated for funding. Once a company has successfully completed a campaign and issued their equity tokens, Neufund provides an easy-to-use user interface for interacting with shareholders.It is possible to hold votes for legally binding resolutions, issue updates and reports, open further fundraising rounds, enable secondary trading of equity tokens, and perform other functions necessary for responsible corporate governance.

Ecosystem​ ​Impact

A platform like Neufund does not simply exist in isolation. It exists as part of a live ecosystem, and itself impacts the broader investment space and crypto-community in a number of ways. Yet, unlike other projects that use the technology for simple fundraising, Neufund aims to strengthen and expand the blockchain ecosystem itself in a number of ways.

Neufund acts as a mechanism for onboarding off-chain organizations and businesses to blockchain, and specifically Ethereum. There is a clear incentive for existing ventures to “blockchainize” part of their operations, especially investor relations. We provide a tool for existing businesses to dip their toe in the waters of blockchain by making the tokenization of equity easy, legal, and secure. In that way, we are facilitating the creation of many new and valuable token systems that do not need their own blockchain platform. This makes the whole Ethereum ecosystem stronger by tieing more of its pieces to value created in the off-chain world.

Neufund also incentivizes investors from both crypto and non-crypto spaces to provide capital for innovation. Investors already active in the crypto space gain access to attractive investment opportunities from outside the space. Investors that have yet to join the crypto economy find in Neufund an easy way to get started. With our stable coin “EURT” (Euro Token, pegged 1:1 to Euro) we bring off-chain capital on chain.

Neufund​ ​Token​ ​Economy

Neufund is a community owned fundraising platform. To make it a functioning blockchain economy we introduce a platform token called Neumark, along with several mechanisms that determine the nature of transactions between platform participants and thus Neumark value. The two main types of actors on the platforms are investors and companies​. Investors bring capital to the platform and look for interesting investment opportunities in companies. Companies are businesses of various kinds that look for funding by offering part of their shares to investors. The fundamental transaction of our platform is investment​, where investors become shareholders in companies via Equity Token Offerings (ETO ). The Neufund platform’s value grows when number and volume of investments grows, so its economy must be designed to stimulate investment and reward transacting participants.

Neumark Token Value

In the previous chapters we explained that investors become economic owners of the Neufund ecosystem when they receive rewards in the form of Neumark for each completed investment transaction. The value of Neumarks results from fees and participation in a platform pool of equity tokens, and thus gives economic ownership of the network to said holders

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