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Lydian Token Sale

Lydian Token Sale

The First A.I. Big Data Marketing Cloud for Blockchain.

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What Is Lydian?

Lydian is a marketing company designed for the crypto industry. The company, which officially goes by the name LydianCoin Pte. Ltd, recently announced their upcoming Lydian (LDN) token sale. Lydian and LydianCoin Pte. are subsidiaries under Gravity4 Inc., a marketing corporation.

Lydian is a new token released by Gravity4, Inc., a marketing company whose marketing products and services are currently in use by Fortune 1000 companies. The company plans to use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to disrupt the marketing industry. Its AI platform, called MonaLisa, is built on a blockchain platform called MonaChain. Together, these technologies aim to reduce fraud in the advertising industry while making advertising more efficient.

The Lydian token will be a utility token allowing token holders to purchase targeted, AI-driven digital marketing and advertising services operated and under development by the Gravity4 Corporate family.

Ultimately, the goal of Lydian is to help startups take advantage of digital marketing strategies. The company believes that ICOs have been wildly successful in 2017 “despite using dated marketing strategies that fail to enlarge the pool of educated engaged consumers.” The failure to deliver strong messages to groups besides investors will prove to be a problem in the long-term viability of these ventures. That’s where Lydian sees an opportunity.

“Crypto start-ups need to unlock the power of digital marketing to engage and educate potential customers and to create loyal customers who will use these future products,” explains the company on their official website.

How Does Lydian Work?

The Lydian ecosystem revolves around the Lydian token. Gravity 4 Inc., the parent company of Lydian, will provide the crypto-community with state-of-the-art digital marketing services “already used by Fortune 1000 companies and luxury brands worldwide.”

Consumers will be able to access these marketing products through the use of Lydian (LDN) tokens. Consumers will also be able to purchase Lydian tokens to obtain proven, market-tested services that utilize “years of aggregated marketing placement and customer interaction data to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.”

Through the use of a decentralized, cryptocurrency-based marketplace, Lydian can reduce overhead costs, avoid the high costs of middlemen, and provide other benefits over traditional marketing platforms.

Lydian And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another key part of the Lydian ecosystem. Gravity4 has an existing neural net AI called MonaLisa. The Lydian ecosystem will leverage MonaLisa to provide more accurate, targeted marketing products.

As soon as you receive Lydian tokens, you can use them to access the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud. The crypto community can leverage decades of market expertise, valuable exclusive industry relationships, extensive aggregated audience data, and Gravity4’s existing technology to maximize the performance of their advertising campaigns.

Lydian’s blockchain technology is called MonaChain. It’s the blockchain-based system that will connect with MonaLisa. Together, these two technologies will provide optimized ad placement services. Through the blockchain, Lydian will reduce digital ad fraud and provide optimized ad services.

The MonaBrowse Ad-Free Browser

Another unique feature of Lydian tokens is the ability to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience through the use of MonaBrowse, a browser currently under development by Gravity4 Labs. MonaBrowse allows users to purchase an ad-free browsing experience across multiple platforms.

The goal of MonaBrowse is to allow users to enjoy ad-free browsing without the use of an ad blocker. Ad blockers take billions of dollars away from the online advertising industry and make it difficult for content producers to earn a living. MonaBrowse aims to resolve these problems in a way that works for all parties.

The Lydian Token Sale

The Lydian token sale date has not yet been announced. However, details of the token sale are outlined in the Lydian whitepaper. 20 million Lydian tokens will be made available for sale during the token sale, out of a total supply of 40 million tokens.

Lydian tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum tokens priced at $5 USD per LDN. The company is accepting BTC and ETH. The token sale is scheduled to last four weeks.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


629 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


510 days ago


20,000,000 Lydian tokens will be offered for sale to purchasers in this offering, as set forth below. Purchasers should note that 1,000 Lydian tokens are required to create a user account. Certain products and services offered through or by the Gravity4 Corporate Family are available in exchange for Lydian tokens without a user account.

There is a minimum purchase amount of seven (7) Lydian tokens per purchase.Lydian tokens have been or shall be sold in "Lots", as set forth below. Prospective purchasers shall have committed to purchase approximately. Lydian tokens prior to the date hereof. With respect to purchasers of Lot 1 through Lot 5, purchases shall be made in accordance with the table set forth below.

LydianCoin SG will retain 20,000,000 of the total 40,000,000 tokens for future issuance. Up to 2% of the retained tokens held by LydianCoin SG will be distributed to advisors to LydianCoin SG at the company’s sole and exclusive discretion. Such Lydian tokens will be distributed to advisors by LydianCoin SG at a 25% discount. Certain additional retained tokens shall be distributed in accordance with the bounty program set forth below.




Kamal Kaur Chairwoman & CEO
Neil Higgins UK Managing Director
Nick Jerzembeck UK Commercial Director
Kevin Huang Managing Director – Asia
Belinda Montes CFO, Asia
Simon Apperly Commercial Director, APAC
Jeff Seah Advisor
Ismail Malik Advisor
Sergei Kolobov Advisor
Sergey Nikitin Advisor

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