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ENVIENTA is a registered non-profit association in Spain on Canary Islands. As they're heading to a new economic paradigm based on abundance, they think that's the right business model or legal form. ENVIENTA's project centers' vision to create commons-based peer-production, distinguish ENVIENTA from regular companies. It requires less finance and more social capital and the principles of commons management.

They are also in cooperation with local governments and residents. They have an agreement with the owners of the land to share resources, like water, food, tools, products and knowhow with each other. Just like energy we produce from renewables. The use of electric car charging station is also free for anyone in the surroundings. It is also a next generation sharing economy model.

Today every one can spend less on food with homegrown vegetables and the same time can reduce the amount of soil and water usage. A smart hydro- and aeroponic garden monitors and tracks the environment. A mobile app give your plants a voice, make care recommendations and send you reminders. ENVIENTA designed a 3D printed aeroponic system, just like partners, they're developing high efficient, intelligent, modular, indoor gardens.

Huge economic, environmental, health and security benefits are expected from the coming sensor age. Big data, useful insights, as we know. ENVIENTA have cooperation with startups which developing open source health diagnostic devices affordable for everyone. They have connections to universities in Europe involving them into water and air pollution measurements in urban and rural areas, using open source eletronics.

The project is also focusing on Open Source hardware that may be useful in robotics applications and research. There are three directions of household robotics: entertainment,home appliances and education. The robots will not move around the house tomorrow, but they are getting better and smarter every year. ENVIENTA can start small and build step by step.

One of business partner plays a very active role in the field of nanotechnology with household applications from clothing, cosmetics to even surface coating. The open-source paradigm can both accelerate innovation and public investment into the field. In this way, the full potential of nanotechnology will drive the 4th Industrial Revolution, where matter can be manipulated as easily as software today.

Growing like cells, connected to each other, sharing experiences, new communities can be included in our system, which can provide for energy to each other, can do barters, can try individual systems of financial settlements to balance each other, even in large distances, in different countries. Every one need a distributed database for financial transactions similar to Bitcoin to enable private blockchains with managed permissions.


The 21st century is an age of accelerated interdependence. Cross-sector collaboration between nonprofits, corporations, and governments will intensify a convergence of political,economic, and social pressures is fosteringsuch collaboration. Governments are downsizing and privatizing due to fiscalpressures on budgets and due to a recognition of the limits of the state as adeliverer of social services.

There is a growing devolution of functions fromcentral governments to the local level and from the public sector to the privatesector, including both nonprofits and corporations. Social problems have grown in magnitude and complexity, and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have proliferated to address these. However, traditional funding sources andinstitutional capacities have not kept pace. The search for new resources and more effective organizational approaches is bringing nonprofits and corporations together. These alliances are also emerging because businesses are increasingly reexamining their traditional philanthropic practices and seek-ing new strategies of engagement with their communities that will have greater corporate relevance and higher social impact.

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100 ENV (ENVIENTA token) is worth 1 ETH. During the ICO token sale campaign. The first milestone is reaching an investment of 1000 ETH (this is a soft cap). This amount is enough to make the first phase of the project come true. In short, if you invest in the ENVIENTA ICO during the first phase of collecting 1000 ETH, for every token bought, the smart contract will credit you 1.3 times more in your ERC20 wallet.

Between 1000 and 2000 ETH the multiplier is 1.15, so for every ETH invested, instead of 100 ENV, the system will allocate 115 ENV to you.

During the campaign, 100 ENV (ENVIENTA token) is worth 1 ETH.
+ 30% bonus for contributors before reaching soft cap (1,000 ETH)
+ 15% bonus before reaching 2,000 ETH


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