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Arbitrage Crypto Trader

Arbitrage Crypto Trader

The new chapter of crypto-trade

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Arbitrage Crypto Trader solves these problems

The terminal is imprisoned for work with any size of trade deposit. They can be used by both small traders and large institutional hedge funds. By the way, in the strategies of the majority of the latter, hedging of risks, that is, arbitration, is prescribed.

At the moment, due to the low liquidity of the crypto-currency markets, small and medium players can earn money using the platform, the smaller the size of orders, the more benchmark results Arbitrage Crypto Trader shows.

In the next 1-2 years there will be a liquidity explosion in the market, when the aggregator companies will solve the problems in the likeness of today's ECN, reducing liquidity from hundreds of different suppliers. After that, large speculators and funds will be able to enter the market using Arbitrage Crypto Trader in their trading strategies.

The sharpening at the moment of the terminal for small traders, removes the problem of the arbitration strategy itself, connected with the withdrawal of funds. For small deposits such operations take place within a few hours and even minutes.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader does not require any deep technical or even financial knowledge from the client. He monitors the markets in 24/7 mode, looks for suitable formations for entering the transaction and waits for the trader to only onepressing the "enter the deal" button. At the same time, on one exchange, a coin is purchased, for another it is sold.

To train trading with a terminal, it's enough to watch a video about his work. We do not specifically include in the base version of a large number of functions, so as not to create confusion. But for premium accounts, which will be used by professional traders, Arbitrage Crypto Trader creates a huge amount of space in the use of various types of orders and strategies.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader does not require the presence of charts, much less the expectations of their download. The platform receives quotes via web-sockets of exchanges in approximately this format (from the stock exchange to the exchange it differs): Time - ticker –price - volume of the deal. For example: 14.05.37 BTCUSD 4560.34 1.3 Bitcoin

The receipt of this data, unlike the loading of charts in the terminal of exchanges, occurs almost without delay. And the risk with the execution of the transaction in time, is solved by setting a time lag, which cancels the deal if the lag value in seconds is exceeded at this time.

How it works?

The product is the trading terminal Arbitrage Crypto Trader. How does he work? They receive quotes from several crypto-exchange exchanges. The user chooses 2 of them, where he has a trade deposit. Then the pair of interest is selected. For example Bitcoin / Dollar or Ether / Dollar.

From the quotes received from each exchange, the terminal automatically calculates the average price difference in percent between the two exchanges. It's not a secret for anyone that on some exchanges the crypto currency is slightly more expensive, and on others it's slightly cheaper. The main reason is different rules of money entry / withdrawal + commissions for these transactions.

Manual trading

The client keeps an eye on the change in the percentage or gets an alert about it. When he considers the scramble sufficient, he commits an arbitration transaction. On one exchange he buys a pair of Bitcoin / Dollar, and on the other sells it. After a while, the price returns to its standard deviation of 1.5%, and the client's deposit increases.

Automatic trading

The client does not need to constantly spend time with the monitor. He deals with his own affairs, for example, goes to work, studies, plays with children. From it you only need to set the price breakdown between the exchanges in%, at which the algorithm automatically enters the transaction. For example during the day, Arbitrage Crypto Trader can conduct several such transactions, and the user will review the report on them and the profit in the evening

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