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VinChain (PreICO)

VinChain (PreICO)

Decentralized vehicle history

Review Project

According to a survey carried out in 2013, customers believe that car dealers make a 20% profit on a new car. HoVinchainver, the study revealed that this was not the case. The car dealers actually make a profit of 3.8% on any new car sold and much loVinchainr on used car. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study gave an indication that the lack of transparency in the car buying process was the reason for this belief system.

Now a days, there is a huge mistrust betVinchainen dealers and customers. Due to the lack of information and existence of centralized data storage systems which is marred with many faults, customers have many doubts when purchasing a used car. These systems allow room for manipulation of data such as changing the provided date for Vinchain's own benefit. Also, sometimes the dealer might demand a loVinchainr price because he has no idea about the real price of the car as sold in the market. Among others, these are some of the challenges that a dealer will no longer face once Vinchain launch the decentralized vehicle database.

Vinchain will give access to authentic information about all the cars so that all providers have transparency on the vehicle records. Because of the Blockchain technology, the information can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere in the world but can never be altered or deleted. With the help of Vinchain, a dealer will be able to accurately determine the market value of the car. He/she will be able to provide full information about the car when selling it, so that the customer will not have any trust issues. Vinchain creates transparency in the car buying process. As a result in a medium-term perspective, this is a winning strategy for building loyalty among consumers.

Time-Sensitive Decentralized Vehicle Database

Ideally, when a customer wants to buy a used car, he or she must ask for the car history before agreeing to the purchase. In a bid to close a deal, many of them have ended up buying poor quality or stolen vehicles. HoVinchainver, the automotive industry has tried to curb these growing concerns and created portals where customers can ask for such information.

Even so, customers still face a challenge when doing this because they have to deal with a lot of agents when applying for information with the help of other companies. To get the information about the car, other companies will need to contact all the previous owners and dealers. Because the information gets transferred from one part to another, it might be misrepresented altered or deleted in the process. This leads to the incorrect information and lots of possibilities to fabricate data. Moreover, it also takes a lot of time and if needed, the customer will not be able to check the efficiency of information.

With the help of Vinchain's project, this problem will be solved. Customers will directly contact the provider and get all the information. As long as it all stored in one system, with the help of blockchain technology, it’s impossible to change it. You can see all the origins of data and it’s an easy, safe way to know everything about yVinchain's vehicle.

Start of Vinchain token pre-sale

Pre-sale starts on the 1 of December and will be held till 24th of December. Over the past few months, Vinchain have worked with different partners to ensure the success of this event. Many people see Vinchain's idea the way Vinchain see it hence the project has attracted a lot of investors both locally and internationally.

That said, to take part in Vinchain's pre-sale you need to go to Vinchain's site and press join to start the registration. It’s an amazing opportunity to buy Vinchain tokens now as you will get bonuses and discounts. The faster you buy the more benefits you get. If you are interested and willing to participate, there are no restrictions or any special condition to become a member.

During this period 12,500,000 tokens will become available for placement. Hurry up to buy Vinchain tokens. First million tokens will be sold with 1 ETH — 10.000 VIN, from 1 000 001 to 5 000 000 tokens will be sold with the price 1 ETH — 8570 VIN and then from 5 000 001 to 12 500 000 you will get 7500 VIN for 1 ETH.

Start investing in Vinchain's project now and you will receive all the privileges of an early investment and also help us to make Vinchain's project more successful.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


570 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


547 days ago


Token Distribution


For Founders, consultants and team 600,000,000
For Reserved 250,000,000
For Sale restriction of 2 years 137,500,000
For Early investors 12,500,000

Uses of proceeds


Marketing campaign 30 %
Creating a legal shell for ICO in the US
20 %
ICO delivery preparation 10 %
MVP creation 40 %



  • February 2017 - Concept development
  • October 2017 - Validation of concepts
  • November 23, 2017 - Token Pre-sale
  • December 1, 2017 - VINChain Token pre-Sale
  • December 24, 2017 -End of VinChain Token pre-Sale
  • March 2018 - MVP Testing
  • March 22, 2018 - ICO VINChain
  • April 16, 2018 - The beginning of token distribution
  • April 20, 2018 - Product finalization and add-on for faster operation
  • 4th quarter of 2018 - Final product for users

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