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Taklimakan Network

Taklimakan Network

Business platform for cryptocurrency investors

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About Taklimakan Network

Taklimakan Network is a platform designed to improve the professional level of crypto investors and make them more successful with the help of experienced traders and analysts. This project will operate as business platform for effective interaction between newcomers of cryptomarket, professional traders, analysts and asset managers. Extensive functionality, variety of investment tools and services with an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface will be featured in the project. A rating system that allows investors to identify the most popular and reliable providers of trading signals and analytics, rewards to all users for participating in a crowd prediction and many other interesting platform tools will attract more users interested in the crypto industry. As a result, both beginners and experts will be motivated.

The Taklimakan Network platform allows users not only to be a project investor, but also to receive the information that might be useful for their investment activity. Often people participate in ICO in order to get a quick earnings, buying tokens on pre-sale and selling them on the stock exchange immediately after they got listed. But to the current date, with the increase in the number of ICOs conducted the speculative earnings of short-term investors are becoming less and less realistic and sometimes they are not profitable at all.

By having the Taklimakan Network Tokens in the investment portfolio, user should not be considered as a speculative player, he becomes an investor of a promising project which is useful for the whole crypto community and whose tokens will bring a huge profit after the project is fully executed instead. Moreover, the platform can be used for commercial purposes by generating passive income on a regular basis. But the ultimate goal of this project is not only a commercial interest, but also the creation of really useful platform for the entire crypto community.

Taklimakan Network, is a business platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts. The startup is aiming to develop its platform for all market participants in crypto trading, investing, analytics and education. The platform acts as a connecting resource for beginners and experts sharing their experience and gaining more knowledge in the sphere.

The mission of the project is to revolutionize the trading and investment industries encouraging widespread adoption of cryptocurrency among the masses.

The Taklimakan team believes its innovations will be new and exciting even to the gurus of investment world because it aims to interconnect social networks, investments, and blockchain, and create unique and efficient fund management experience for everyone.

Trading Tools

Users are able to make personal decisions on the cryptocurrency trade based on the trading signals, strategies, and recommendations of professional traders, which are sent exclusively to platform users.

Investment Pools

Investment portfolios are formed by experienced managers and selected on the basis of platform recommendations and user voting ratings. From now on anyone can make a contribution to trust management with the purpose of the increase in capital.


The Taklimakan Network provides a financial cushion for traders and investors, who can find the most profitable and correct investment solution based on analytical reviews of the crypto asset market and reports on blockchain projects prepared by experienced experts and sent to the platform users.

Crowd Predictions

Platform developers have created a unique tool for making decisions in independent trading or investing based on forecasting the exchange rate behavior and other analytical opinions derived from the mean value of data collection on the responses of all participants.

Education Materials

Taklimakan network features great knowledge base with constant updates and additions and offers a large library of open source books, articles and other educational materials for beginners and experts to boost up their proficiency. There are free and paid educational materials available, so the experts of the cryptocurrency market can gain one more source of income.

With such wide range of opportunities traders and analysts are able to receive commercial benefits by sharing their trading views, ideas, forecasts and reviews on cryptocurrencies and reports on blockchain start-ups with subscribers, investors and other platform users.

Token Sale

Taklimakan Network announces public pre-sale on December 12th, where investors can purchase tokens with a 50% discount. The prices of pre-sale are set to 1 ETH = 30000 TKLN with 100,000,000 TKLN token supply. The beginning of ICO is scheduled for January 2018. Every buyer who sends 10 ETH or more during ICO or presale is entitled to the lottery. All the lottery winners will be determined randomly with utmost honesty and fairness. After winners and their prizes are determined, prize payout occurs manually using TLKN Token smart contract.



Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


559 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


489 days ago



1. Bounty, Promo - 20.000.000
2. Strategic partners - 50.000.000
3. Pre-sale - 100.000.000
4. Reserve - 100.000.000
5. Team, Advisors, Early Contributors - 180.000.000
6. ICO - 550.000.000


40% - Product development
30% - Marketing
20% - Administrative expenses
10% - Legal costs


  • Yong Ming Hong - Managing Partner and Co-founder
  • Rashid Yussup - Managing Partner and Co-founder
  • Rustam Kairy - Managing Partner and Co-founder
  • Gregory Zaitsev - Project Manager Constantine
  • Pozdnikin - Front-end / Full-stack Developer
  • Alexander Sinichkin - Back-end / Full-stack Developer
  • Viktoria Kovalenko - Community Relations Manager
  • Venera Osman - Marketing Manager
  • Aysilu Khayrullina - Business Analyst
  • Andrey Zaitsev - Smart Contract Developer and Architect
  • Berik Yernazarov - Financial Analyst
  • Maralbek Zeinullin - Business Communication Manager
  • Ramin Abdusalam - IT Specialist
  • Birzhan Belgozhaev - Internet Marketer
  • Denis Purgin - UI/UX Designer
  • Ramil Japar - Platform Tester
  • Dmytro Krupych - Account Manager
  • Lei Ling - Social Media and PR - China

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