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e-Chat Token Sale

e-Chat Token Sale

Decentralized anonymous multi-tasking messenger

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To ensure the decentralization of the e-Chat network, we’ve combined technologies such as IPFS, P2P, and blockchain. Primarily, it concerns with the correspondence of users.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing or networking is a distributed, application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally privileged participants in the network and form a peer-to-peer network of nodes.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol designed to create a permanent and decentralized method of storing and sharing files.Nodes in the IPFS network form a DSN - Decentralized Storage Network. The development of IPFS started in by Protocol Labs (with help from the open-source community). Initially, it was designed by Juan Benet.

Right now e-Chat is running the ICO, which started on November 16 and finishes on December 30, 2017. e-Chat is a revolution in the sphere of finance and social interaction. They managed to develop a decentralized social platform with the multi-currency cryptowallet built into the platform. The decentralized architecture of this app distinguishes it from other well-known instant messaging systems. e-Chat provides the highest level of personal data security, this may include your personal communication and the assets stored in e-Chat cryptowallets.

The wallet option allows the users to receive, send, exchange assets, make money transactions, including fiat, and provides several ways to earn money.

The combination of the state-of-art technologies, such as blockchain, P2P connection, and end-to-end encryption brought the high recognition of e-Chat from the side of blockchain enthusiasts. During the pre-ICO period, e-Chat was spotted by a couple of news portals, including the Huffington Post, Business2Community, and Forbes. Blockchain specialists admit that e-Chat team managed to develop a highly protected app, bringing safety to the personal data of its users. The numbers are growing and expected to be 10 million of users in the future. You have an opportunity to invest in the ICO and see the first decentralized messaging platform gaining popularity worldwide.

The convenient and intuit interface of e-Chat is worth mentioning. Get it on Google Play or App Store, try it out and enjoy the highest level of protection against breaches, cyberattacks and meddling from any authoritative party.

The e-Chat team has announced the video blog contest with the prize fund of 27,000.00 ECHTs ($27,000.00). The e-Chat project is a decentralized instant messaging platform with the multi-currency crypto wallet.

The e-Chat management would like to bring the publicity to their ICO, because the idea of video blogs is to overview the e-Chat app, and highlight its convenience in use and multi-functionality. The video could be of any duration, but not very long and it could be posted on the YouTube (YOKU channel). The link to the video should be provided in the special google form /

The video blog contest has started on November 10th and finishes on December 10th. Maybe it’s not the coincidence as the e-Chat users are exposed to so many events. On December 10 2017, the results of the vlog contest are announced and five days later on December 15 2017, the e-Chat team will speak about the results of the ICO they are running right now.

ECHT is the cryptocurrency issued during the ICO for the crowdsale. During the first round of ICO, ECHT is available for $0.75. In the coming rounds, the price is expected to increase.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


585 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


541 days ago


Token Distribution


For Token Sale 92 %
For Referral Program 7 %
For Bounty 1 %

Uses of proceeds


Development 30 %
Marketing & PR
48 %
Reserve Fund 10 %
Founders 12 %



Karthik Iyer Head of South East Asia
Thomas C. Sima CLO
Vincent Veisman CFO
Edwin Dearborn CMO
Mishima Satoshi Japan General Manager
Alex Vincente Business Development Manager
Audrey Freiburghaus Blockchain Marketing Manager
Lanke Fung Project Manager
Jeff Marquass Advisor
S.Sridhar Financial Adviser


  • 09.2017
    e-Chat is connected to the following payment services:
  • 10.2017
    Pre-ICO Start
    Creation of an information background aimed at attracting
    attention to e-Chat, forming a community, proper branding, and
  • 11.2017
    Start first round of the ICO
    The launch of an omnichannel marketing and PR campaign to
    promote e-Chat ICO. Used channels: forums, news resources,
    trackers, press releases, industry events, advertising, paid
    promotion in social media, direct mail, cooperation with bloggers,
  • 12.2017
    Redesign of the application, connection of a cryptocurrency wallets
    Continuation of the development of e-Chat: redesign with the attachment of additional functions.
  • 12.2017
    Start second round of ICO
    Most of the funds collected during the first round of the ICO will be sent to increase the effectiveness of the marketing and PR campaign and on the promotion of the app among users on Google Play and the App Store.
  • 12.2017
    50,000 application installations
  • 01.2018
    Completion of ICO and connection of an own token to application
  • 02.2018
    Connection of the most popular payment methods (Visa, Mastercard + expansion of the list of cryptocurrencies)
  • 02.2018
    The release of the test-net of the messenger updated version.
  • 02.2018
    Internal cryptocurrency exchange launch.
  • 03.2018
    Implementing the feature to create paid chats
  • 04.2018
    1.000.000 installations / 100.000.000 messages per day
  • 05.2018
    Desktop version release.
  • 07.2018
    Live-streaming launch
  • 08.2018
    Group video calls
  • 10.2018
    Connecting the streaming function will give an additional push to donates inside e-Chat and promote further expansion at the market.
  • 12.2018
    50,000,000 installations / 10 billion messages per day milestone

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