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Spectiv Token Sale

Spectiv Token Sale

Virtual Reality Streaming

Review Project

Spectiv VR

Virtual reality streaming platform Spectiv has just closed its private early supporter presale, where Signal Tokens were sold for a total of 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC, and $58,000 USD. Spectiv is a dedicated VR media platform where users can stream their VR video experiences to the world, and where others can enjoy those experiences from the comfort of their homes. It is a niche streaming platform similar to Twitch, but with a focus on VR content. Learn more about it here:

Signal Tokens

Signal Tokens will be used on Spectiv’s platform to directly connect advertisers with attention influencers. This is achieved through Spectiv’s “Ad Campaign Smart Contracts” which advertisers can use to directly reward viewers, publishers, and curators for driving attention to their ads. Every ad view and click that occurs on the ad is communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract which then autonomously rewards Signal Tokens.

The Signal Token Protocol is not limited to the Spectiv platform; it is open-source. The protocol is designed for any media platform to adopt and implement. Spectiv brings integral value to this protocol by acting as the pioneer and first use case, providing a foundational layer for other media platforms to benefit from and build upon. This pragmatic approach to token creation could bridge the gap between blockchain theory and real-world utility.

Spectiv Platform Alpha Release

Spectiv is currently focused on developing its VR streaming platform which is expected to roll out in early November. The alpha V1 will support VR content upload, viewing, user accounts, and more. This means token purchasers will have an opportunity to use the platform far before the sale on December 8th. Check out the current product demo here:

Business and Legal Structure

Since the presale, Spectiv has hired an additional developer, an external CFO, and moved into an office space directly across from their crypto venture partners Sutton Stone. In preparation for the open sale, Spectiv is structuring the relevant business entities to comply with existing/undeclared governmental regulations. This includes setting up a Mauritian corporate vehicle used to support the token sale in that jurisdiction. Spectiv will be the second large project to undergo this process in partnership with Sutton Stone.

Token Purchasing Opportunities

Signal Tokens can be purchased at a fixed price of $0.50 each, with early bird bonus opportunities for qualifying participants. The sale will have a maximum expected receipt of $40 million in Signal Tokens. This open sale will be hosted at on December 8th, 2017. Sign up for the email list on the homepage of their website at

Reach out to for private token purchasing inquiries and bonuses.


ANN Thread

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


563 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


540 days ago


Token Distribution


For ICO 60 %
For Platform reserve 20 %
For Management team option 13 %
For Escrow/advisors option 4%
For Bounty 3%

Uses of proceeds


Development 40 %
Marketing and sales
Content licenses 15 %
Payouts for contributors 10 %
Equipment 8 %
General and administrative 7 %
Legal fees 5 %



Q2 2017

   >> Finalize terms of employment within team and recruit
supplemental developers and interns.

   >> Finalize company structure, including equity split,
advisor/investor relations, employee agreement.

   >> Start initial platform marketing campaign.

Q3 2017

   >> Launch full Crowdsale of Signal Tokens

   >> Hire additional platform developers

   >> Work on development of Alpha platform

   >> Secure content contributions with existing VR
enthusiasts around the world

   >> Subsidize popular content creators to adopt VR
recording systems and contribute their content to platform

Q4 2017

   >> Grow user base and incentivize user-driven contributions

   >> Release Alpha version of platform

   >> Optimize platform; gather feedback and resolve kinks
found in alpha

   >> Begin discussions for licensing arrangements and
partnerships with commercial organizations

Q1 2018

   >> Release beta version of platform

   >> Execute full online marketing campaign and referral program

   >> Introduce advertisers and ad rewards

Q2 2018

   >> Make pointed efforts to establish a wide selection
of VR experiences

   >> Launch official Spectiv website and platform

   >> Robust ad rewards system for advertisers, viewers,
and content creators

   >> Contingent on milestones met, begin plans for Spectiv
original VR content

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