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Scrinium Token Sale

Scrinium Token Sale

The Future of portfolio investment

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Ever since the first stock exchanges appeared, it was all about trading.Regardless of the markets or trading instruments, it used to take years of learning to become a professional trader.

As traders accumulated knowledge it was quite difficult for investors, the other party involved in trading, to get in touch with professional traders around the world. Putting it simply, the demand exceeded the supply.

What is the problem we are solving?

Investment funds and other types of of companies hunted brilliant traders to employ them, and offered relatively low returns for investors while gaining billions within their boiler rooms.

Lack of transparency brought a lot of them to crisis. Apart from the obvious investment risks, investors now had to deal with fear of failure. As a result, the market found a solution and it was social trading, sometimes also referred to as mirror trading. It created an opportunity to follow or copy someone else’s trades without having to spend years learning how to trade in various markets. A number of successful social trading platforms appeared, and investors could choose for themselves who to follow, basing their decision on the trader’s performance and results.

Unfortunately, as we all know, past performance does not guarantee future results. Another painful question immediately arose: how to distinguish an honest, skilled trader to follow from a one-hit wonder or pure luck? Bearing in mind that hard-earned money was quite often at stake, a wrong decision could result in a partial or full capital loss.

The solution

With the introduction of blockchain technology Scrinium found a solution.It uses a sophisticated yet transparent algorithm to analyse a trader’s performance and then automatically creates a portfolio of different traders around the globe for the investor.

From then on, all the investor has to do is to decide on the profitability and risk levels he or she is ready to accept. Based on the profitability/risk ratio, Scrinium will automatically pick the best and the most suitable traders and create an investment portfolio. After that the investor will start gaining profit immediately and automatically.

Scrinium does not depend on which markets, exchanges or even brokers the trader works with, it is absolutely independent and transparent for all participants.

What makes Scrinium a win-win?

Scrinium reinvents portfolio investment in a way that is a 100% beneficial for all market participants. Every party involved receives significant profits from using Scrinium

What is your benefit from the Scrinium ICO

The Scrinium ICO is your unique opportunity to purchase Scrincoin at its lowest value in history. Here are the key points that make this ICO beneficial for prospective cryptoinvestors:

  • The Scrincoin price is never going to be cheaper than it is right now
  • Scrinium will use Scrincoin as an internal payments engine. With the growth of Scrinium popularity, the demand for Scrincoins will rise, pushing its price higher and higher
  • Our statistical research shows that once Scrinium attracts only 50,000 active investors the Scrincoin price will exceed 100 USD in value making it over a thousand times more expensive than to start with

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


587 days ago

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557 days ago



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