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MIRA Token Sale

MIRA Token Sale

Cryptocurrencies have never been so easy

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It is a commonplace now to start an article with the words about “the recent surge in value of cryptocurrencies” but there we are. Although everyone has started talking about it, this is still just the beginning. Despite some last desperate outcries from the most backward-looking bankers, there is an understanding that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This raises a concern among both new and experienced users about giving this digitally-vulnerable money to unproven and non-regulated cryptocurrency wallet providers. On the internet there are countless lists with endless points on how to protect your cryptocurrency savings.

They all come down to the fact that cryptocurrencies are not easy to use and it takes a lot of experience and cunning to secure your digital assets in a constant battle with malware, hackers, and bulky software. You quickly come to realize that if you can’t do it you shouldn’t even think about owning cryptocurrencies.It is difficult to imagine someone more experienced with cryptocurrencies than traders. But even they regularly make the headlines when losing money on cryptocurrency exchanges.

We would like to participate in changing this situation because we believe that interacting with cryptocurrencies should be easy for any user. While there are a lot of p2p exchangers on the market, it looked like something was still missing. That’s how, almost two years ago, we conceived our idea as a simple and straightforward answer to a particular problem that we encountered having worked a lot with cryptocurrencies. Its development was financed with our own resources and investments from crypto enthusiasts. We were quietly working on it until we realised that there was no point in waiting any longer as everyone will be needing the service pretty soon.

What is Mira?

Mira is a solution for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies in an easy and convenient way.The key element of the service is MiraBox, the encrypted container file, that can store one or multiple types of tokens off-chain, providing better protection for savings than any third-party storage, like exchanges or wallets. Buying and sending cryptocurrencies in MiraBox is as simple as downloading and sending a regular file, which makes it easy for people with any level of technical expertise to use.

MiraLab was conceived as a P2P cryptocurrency exchanger with a simple and straightforward interface. The development of the idea was financed using our resources and investments from crypto enthusiasts. This year, the capitalization of cryptocurrency went up sharply, and the stock market volumes grew after it. The media picked up the topics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It has become clear that development needs to be accelerated in order to take a foothold in the market.

Meanwhile the idea has been evolving and it has been transformed from a P2P exchanger to the full-fledged Mira software suite. Mira is a simple and reliable way to exchange, transfer and store cryptocurrency. We want to make the process of interacting with cryptocurrencies understandable for any user. Now you can simply send a file to purchase cryptocurrency.

Mira’s software suite consists of MiraBoxes that contain cryptocurrency and services that support their transactions and transfer operations: — an online service for working with MiraBox containers;
MiraWallet Desktop&Mobile — an application duplicating Miralab’s online functionality;
MiraNet — Mira’s Ethereum-based blockchain.

There are 3 types of containers with different properties:

NominalBox is a container with one type of cryptocurrency;

MultiBox is a container with an arbitrary number of different supported cryptocurrencies.

SmartBox is a MultiBox with integrated smart contracts that allow to set various extraction conditions: from in-built ones that include determining the date, cryptocurrency rate, and third-party confirmation to customizable rules that users can design themselves.

A natural question at this point is if we are yet another wallet or an exchange. The answer is: neither. Although Mira includes the features of both, the main difference is that we offer a solution for storing and sending cryptocurrencies off chain. Once you’ve packed it into MiraBox, you have complete control over your money. You can download it to a usb drive, or send it via email or messenger without any commissions and transaction confirmations, just as you would with a regular file. Mira doesn’t store user passwords and identities; there’s even no need to create and account or a wallet for buying or selling a MiraBox, which delivers remarkable levels of security and anonymity.

Main principles guiding the development of Mira software are the ease of use, transparency, fault tolerance, and openness — MiraWallet source code will be available for download on GitHub.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


508 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


481 days ago


Token Distribution


For Investors 78 %
For Team and advisors 15 %
For Reserve fund 6 %
For Bounty 1 %

Uses of proceeds


Development 65 %
Reserve fund 10 %
Marketing 8 %
Other 7 %



Dmitriy Baday CEO
Nikita Novozhilov CFO
Ernest Shekolian CTO
Jet Yap COO
Eugene Babichenko Chief DApp Engineer at
Andrey Skriptsov COO
Nadia Shcherba Business developer
Vitaliy Manshin CMO
Eugene Radchenko Blockchain Technical Advisor
Taras Emelyanenko System and DApp Architect


Dec 2017

   >> Connecting the visual designer of smart contracts,
launching a test version of the mobile application

Feb 2019

   >> Completion of the work cycle for the first version of Mira

Aug 2019

   >> Starting a custom service. Version 2

Dec 2019

   >> Laboratory of smart contracts. Running the test version of
platform for developers

Feb 2020

   >> Running Version 3

Dec 2019

   >> Guarantor service, share, rates, nirvana

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