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LOCI Token Sale

LOCI Token Sale

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Loci's InnVenn platform includes a document search tool that provides results in a user friendly Venn Diagram form rather than the long list format produced on other platforms. InnVenn tracks search results and enhances the user’s control over the process by tailoring his or her claim to something that can be granted. In the process, a user may well find a new invention, and InnVenn provides the capability to record it. Relevance mechanisms, including cluster and concept based search, improve user efficiency, reducing the drudgery of deeply analyzing the thousands of results that inventors and patent attorneys often sift through before an invention’s novelty can be determined.

InnVenn goes beyond search to help inventors stake their claims by acting as a blockchain integrated public disclosure platform. It has the effect of moving the inventor closer to a patent application and assisting patent attorneys by providing a starting point for undertaking and understanding a prior art search. Public disclosure, with sufficient specificity, locks out others from seeking rights to an invention. Public disclosure sets the clock, in several but certainly not all countries, for the start of a one-year window for filing a non-provisional patent application without loss of rights.

The integration of blockchain technology into InnVenn establishes an immutable data point containing a time stamp of an invention’s public disclosure. This disclosure, recorded on the blockchain, begins a 12-month grace period for the filing of a patent. Loci is intent on speeding the process of getting an idea protected and the use of blockchain technology offers a solution, but with the First- to-File rule, only getting that application to a patent office can establish a priority date.

InnVenn does provide a much faster process of moving from idea to application by improving the communication between client and attorney. Loci’s proprietary machine learning abilities may also improve the process, even predicting and prompting new and potentially relevant connections between known inventions identifying “whitespaces” where there is ample room for innovation and invention. As the volume of searches increases, the system becomes more effective and valuable.

Blockchain Implementation

The first step in this process for an InnVenn user is to determine whether he or she can prove the novelty of his or her invention and meet the other statutory requirements necessary to begin a formal patent application. The user can access InnVenn to refine his or her concept or invention to ensure that it stands apart from other products that have already been patented or are in the patent process. The user then has an option to disclose publicly his or her claim to an invention. By entering a claim on the InnVenn platform other inventors within the system are blocked from claiming the same space. This crowdsourcing model inevitably enables other InnVenn users to discover the original user’s disclosure by searching for related ideas. When another user reads the written disclosure within InnVenn, Loci creates a third-party verification event which reinforces that the disclosure occurred and is publicly viewable.

The next step in the process is to package information about the disclosure event and the verification event to ready it for the blockchain. This information includes the unique ID, date and time of the claim creation and the disclosure event as well as the inventor’s user ID through KYC as protection against bots. All of this is hashed using the industry standard SHA256 encryption algorithm, and then stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently, proving novelty and satisfying the other requirements necessary to begin the filing process requires that an applicant to contrast his or her patent with all other existing similar disclosures – patents, documents, etc. – that the applicant has stumbled upon or that the patent office has found, even if they are not yet published patent applications. Through the blockchain integration process, Loci enables the user to keep track of his or her inventive ideas on the platform by tracking and differentiating the novelty of his or her invention. This can be accomplished by building searches that would expose similar concepts

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