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LH Crypto Token Sale

LH Crypto Token Sale

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The main advantage of LHCrypto ICO is that it is based on a business model that has worked for years, has proven its efficiency, and allows us to provide assurances to the CROWDSALE participants. LHCrypto also designed and built into LHCrypto smart contracts three functions enabling LHCrypto investors to earn on the #LHCoin tokens, and included them into the smart contract. These earning functions do not depend on the market price of the #LHCoin token.

Guarantee income from operation activity

One of the largest brokers Larson & Holz made PreICO LHCoin in support of the LHCrypto project. The new token promises investors a profitability of at least 20 percent per annum.

Traditionally, the profit of investors is generated by the growth of the rate of purchased tokens. But, if quotations fall, then there is no profit. Given that ICO LHCoin is based on a successfully functioning profitable brokerage business, the company takes on the risks of investors and guarantees the profitability of the token at a level of at least 20 percent per annum.

These funds, if necessary, will be added at the end of the year from the operating profit of the broker and deposited on the investor’s personal account, from which they can be used at his discretion, which means that the income of 20% will be received by the investor in any case and it will be live money!

Larson&Holz shares profit

Smart contract started 30.10.2017 PreICO of new cryptocurrency LHCoin contains a large number of unique and extremely lucrative offers for investors, one of which is a priori participation in the CASHBACK Program.
CASHBACK Program is one of the several tools to earn a guaranteed income by holders of tokens LHCoin. It is a monthly fixed payment of interests from the operating activities of the broker of Larson&Holz to the investors.

It is important to emphasize that the basis for calculation of bonus to the investors at the CASHBACK Program is not a profit of broker (which in theory may not appear), but the aggregate amount of all clients’ transfers to the trading accounts. Currently, it is possible to talk about 3 000 000 dollars in a month. With the development of the project and with the increase in the number of crypto traders this amount will undoubtedly increase, thus will increase the bonus of the investors.

The main difference between the ICO of the project Lh-Crypto

The main difference between the ICO of the project Lh-Crypto and others is the fact that it was developed on the basis of already successful existing business of the company Larson&Holz. Why is it so important? What would it give to investors?

The company Larson&Holz has been successfully working on the financial markets since 2004. Today the company has hundreds of thousands of registered Forex traders from all over the world. Monthly incoming customer flow of the company is 3 000 000 USD. All this allows us to guarantee to investors that their contribution to the tokens LHCoin will have annual returns of at least 20%, as we undertake all the risks!

To ensure the profitability of the token LHCoin, the company Larson&Holz has developed within the project Lh-Crypto the program Token Rate Insurance System. If in a year after the start of trading on the exchange the return of the token LHCoin is below 20%, according to the Token Rate Insurance System, the company Larson&Holz will offset the remaining difference from their own funds.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


570 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


540 days ago




John Larson Key Investor and Founder
Georgy Pavloff Chief Operation Officer
Alexandr Smirnoff Chief audit executive
Nikita Baishev Chief innovation officer
Romany Sedhom Blockchain integrator
Alena Narinyani Chief marketing officer
Anatol Slissenko Phd of Paris Est University.
ICO mathematical model
Andrei Dirgin Financial Expert
Vladimir Kuzovlev Financial consultant
speaker of RBC TV
Andrey Miklushevsky Forex Academy Expert

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