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CryoGen Token Sale

CryoGen Token Sale

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The Problem

Every day around the world more than 150 000 people will die, some from currently incurable diseases, some by mishap from external causation, but most from the one hundred percent fatal pandemic degenerative condition simply known as ageing.

At the moment there is no technology for prolonged cryopreservation of donor organs and,accordingly, the problem of creating cryobanks of donor organs has not been solved, because of the logistics that will be needed to support the collection, conservation and transplantation processes. It is necessary to create medical cryonics centres that combine both clinical and scientific units. In such centres there may be cryonics storages for people in a state of cryogenic suspended animation.

Studies that h Studies that have confirmed their relevance often do not continue due to a lack of adequate
funding. For this reason, cryonics organizations are not sufficiently engaged in the research and development of cryonics, while in their practice they use the experience gained in the 90s of the last century and in the early 2000s.

Modern medicine, despite its achievements, is not able to cure all diseases. Only 50% of patients are cured of oncology. Mortality rate from strokes and cardiovascular diseases is high. And because of the short period of donor organs storage, only one out of every four people that can be saved is saved.

Humanity grapples with the challenges of ever longer duration space travel. But clearly, the life support and provisions of space travelers with nutrition during long space voyages related to huge expenses. Thus, it is necessary to create technologies for space anobiosis to make ultra-long space travel possible.

CryoGen Solution

a. Cryopreservation

Over the last 50 years scientist around the world has been developing and improving the technique of the cryopreservation of tissues, organs, the brain and whole organisms to make the future revival possible.

There are two kinds of cryopreservation:

• Neuropreservation, when only the brain is placed into cryonics storage.
• Whole body preservation, when the entire organism, human or animal is preserved.

Cryonics makes it possible to maintain the human body intact until scientists discover the ideal way to restore and return the patient to life and to full health.

Nowadays, there is a serious theoretical and experimental evidentiary support for the possibility of restoring biological organism and significantly prolonging a patient’s life in a relatively near future.

The funds raised under the CryoGen project will be used for the development, testing and implementation of the technology for the reversible freezing of human organs and small vertebrates in 5 or 7 years and amniotes and humans in the near future.

Feasibility is corroborated in experiments with fragments of animal organs. In February 2017, a fragment of a pig’s heart was reversibly cryopreserved, perfectly.When this technology is fully developed, an ideal biological recovery of the body after freezing and the continuation of its vital activity will become possible.

b. CryoGen team has the intention of developing and implementation of:

1. Vitrification (deep cooling which solidifies tissues without ice formation). We are planning to perform vitrification by means of ultra-fast cooling using cold gas blown through the whole body;
2. Ultra-fast and even rewarming with the use of cryoprotectants with nanoparticles;
3. New nontoxic cryoprotectants based on inert gases.

c. Space Travel

Cryonics is our chance to get to remote planets and star systems. Human life will inevitably spread beyond the Earth to inhabit the space.

The CryoGen project has all chances to become a leading project which provides services for space anabiosis; soon our technologies can be used for space flights over long distances. So, the first step toward it has already been made.

Thus, maintaining the current pace of scientific and technological progress, the restoration of the brain and body of the cryopreserved person will become possible by the middle of the 21st century. Therefore, cryonics technologies give a real chance for a radical extension of people's ives.

In conditions of rapidly developing information space, the CryoGen project combines two new revolutionary convergent technologies: blockchain and cryonics.

The CryoGen project will accelerate the solution of these global problems by bringing together the most progressive scientists to develop new and improve existing technologies for a radical life extension.


In 2014, the management of KrioRus, at the invitation of the Government of Switzerland, visited six cantons and presented its project to open the first cryonics centre in this progressive country with the aim of incorporating the company CryoGen under Swiss jurisdiction.

The Ministries of Economy of three cantons became interested in the possibility of building a cryonics centre in Switzerland and offered mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

Today, we enter the last stage of coordination of the creation of a European cryonics provider head quartered in Switzerland, vital to the development of cryonics in Europe, along with DNA preservation, organ cryobanking, the inauguration of a genetic archive, and more.

In Switzerland, we are joined by many like-minded people and colleagues. We have thoroughly studied the commercial real estate market in Switzerland and plan to acquire the best price and quality location for a cryonics centre, for example, a decommissioned military base in the Alps.KrioRus owns several cryonics storage facilities in Russia, where we have mastered the installation and transfer of Dewars and cryostats (up to 1.8 tons in empty weight). In the same locations, we have completely established the entire process of cryonics storage for human and animal cryonics patients and DNA samples.

KrioRus is the only company outside of the United States that produces cryostats of large volume for the preservation of patients’ bodies. We are proud of our own Anabiosis.For the preservation and storage of small animals, it is possible to use industrially produced dewars of small volume, but for the preservation of the human body it is necessary to use special design dewars that are produced only in the USA and by KrioRus.


1. Limited issue >> The number of tokens is limited. No further token will be issued.
2. Payment with CRYO only >> Payments for some cryonics services, digitization services, science shares for participation in research or purchases on cryonics market will be possible only with tokens.
3. Affiliate network >> As the p As the project develops, we will connect all new companies to our network, which means that it will be possible to pay for tokens from outside CryoGen.
4. Benefits of payment with tokens >> The cost of any services token will be significantly lower than the payment by conventional currency.
5. Instalment plan >> There is no need to purchase a complete product all at once, the purchase will be possible by accumulating a certain number of tokens within a set time frame.
6. Ease of acquisition >> Any new user will be able to purchase tokens directly online at the current exchange rate.

Token Sale

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Distribution Of Funds


Building of cryonics centres 30 %
Technology development 25 %
Marketing, PR/GR 20 %
Project management 15 %
Strategic partners 5 %
Reserve fund 5 %

Bounty Program


Social Media campaign 30 %
Signature Campaign
25 %
Blog Campaign 20 %
Translation Campaign 20 %
Telegram Campaign 5 %



Valeriya Udalova Co-founder and CEO of the
Russian company "KrioRus."
Sergey Evfratov Head of Kriorus perfusion lab.
Biochemist, a molecular biologist.
Yuriy Pichugin Director of Science. PhD. International
experience in cryobiology is 40 years.
Igor Artyukhov Co-Founder and Development
Director of KrioRus.
Ustin Kolbin Director of Communications
for Project Cryogen.
Elena Serebryannikova A financial adviser to the Cryogen
project in Switzerland

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