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Caviar Token Sale

Caviar Token Sale

Crypto and real estate in one token

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Caviar Platform

With well over 150,000 real estate assets being purchased for purposes of improvement and resale in the United States every year, and the ability for investors to earn hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars per year, this is an opportunity many are interested in embracing as a business venture of their own. So there exists a need for a community of peers, mentors and service providers to educate, disseminate information on deals, and provide peer to peer communications. This community also gives real estate developers a platform from which to raise funds for their projects. By building a community of real estate developers and entrepreneurs, Caviar will further its goals, improve its deal-flow and provide token holders with additional opportunity to earn profits.

Caviar will utilize CAView, a proprietary set of monitoring tools that allows investors to verify funds’ activities including loan payments, trading histories, balance, etc. It guarantees full transparency and honest and anonymous profit sharing and distribution.Caviar will use the highest security standards, including multi-signature hardware, cold storage and secure wallets.

Caviar is the first to offer digital assets and real estate in a single cryptographic token available on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to provide token holders with a diversified, risk adjusted, data-driven portfolio with exposure to both stable real estate and select cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets, maximizing return on investment while hedging against markets downturns. Caviar Platform brings utility to Caviar token holders, enabling real estate developers to raise money for projects using a crowdfunding mechanism, while providing Caviar token holders and the underlying fund an opportunity to participate in projects and earn interest.

Caviar will issue tokens in a one-time token sale event, and will invest in fast appreciating crypto-assets and crypto-currencies, allowing investors to capitalize on the high upside of digital currency markets, while achieving diversification and profit sharing from a less volatile and more traditional income-producing short term loan portfolio secured by real estate in the United States and other countries.

Caviar is the successor to Caviar Capital LP, which, for the past 5 years, has been providing financing to real estate developers. Fully guaranteed by underlying real estate assets and unlimited personal guarantees by the borrowers, Caviar Capital provides short term loans for the purpose of purchasing, improving and selling single and multi-family homes in the Northeastern United States.

Caviar seeks to capture higher rates of return (“alpha”), while providing a unique opportunity for crypto-investors to diversify their portfolio through exposure to real estate. At the same time, Caviar provides traditional investors the upside of high returns in a diversified digital currencies portfolio. Crypto investors have long sought shelter from volatility in assets like Tether, Digix, DigiDao and others. However, many of these assets have proven unreliable, with undercapitalized reserves, and were still prone to volatility.

Caviar’s tokenization approach to real estate and crypto-assets and currencies lowers operating costs , reduces entry fees for investors, and removes the “illiquidity barrier” that keeps investors’ equity locked up for years. Caviar has developed a proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model for crypto-assets and crypto-currency price forecasting in both short and long term projection timescales, allowing for stronger predictive power and more effective asset allocation. To guarantee transparency, Caviar deploys CAView, a proprietary set of monitoring tools, which provides portfolio audit and guarantees honest and anonymous profit sharing and distribution.


Caviar is launching a pre-sale on November 28th, 2017, with the goal of raising $25 million. pioneering a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain that will offer access to stable real estate and cryptocurrencies, with built-in downside protection and automatic diversification.

The team behind Caviar has successfully managed a multi-million-dollar real estate debt fund since 2013, and brings years of experience and research to this project.

Caviar has developed their Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM), an artificial intelligence predictive algorithm based on a machine learning approach for price forecasting in both short and long-term projection timescales, allowing for stronger predictive power and more effective asset allocation. IPM uses historical data and a mixture of qualitative/quantitative metrics, in combination with analysis of the underlying cryptocurrency ecosystem, social signals, and trends. Data is automatically collected from various sources to make judgments in real time.

The rise of blockchain markets produced a number of funds that invest in cryptocurrencies and assets. Some of these funds offer their investors profit-sharing options and promise diversification by keeping a portion of their assets in Bitcoins. However, in highly volatile crypto-markets, monthly or quarterly profits are not guaranteed. Although Bitcoin is arguably the least volatile and most liquid crypto-currency today, it is still part of the same asset class and is prone to volatility.

Caviar provides investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios beyond cryptocurrencies and tokens via the fund’s exposure to lower-risk real estate markets. Caviar is in a unique position to be able to shift funds from crypto-markets to real estate and vice versa in order to modify allocation, maximize returns and minimize risk. Caviar’s business model takes a more balanced approach to investing through a combination of fast-appreciating crypto-assets and stable income-producing real estate. This is a proven systematic method for achieving growth and income via dual market exposure in a single token.

Crypto Investment Activities

Through strong fundamental analysis and models based on a proprietary framework, Caviar will be making long term cyclical investments in fast appreciating crypto-currencies and assets with over $100m in market cap, while also investing in new, high upside projects with “real world” enablement, payments and finance, blockchain platforms, privacy and other use-cases;utilizing our proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model.

Caviar Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM)

Caviar has developed an innovative predictive model for CryptoAsset (CA) and CryptoCurrency (CC) price forecasting in both short and long term projection timescales. (Figure 1) The predictive model relies on historical data to derive linear equations relating historical prices and growth rates to historical time-variant quantities, and a mixture of time-invariant qualitative/quantitative metrics. The derived linear equations are then weighted by characteristic R2 values.These linear equations combined with a suite of patented logical elements are used to project the growth of a CA in comparison to that of Bitcoin (BTC).

A separate model will take into account trends in the underlying cryptocurrency ecosystem by analyzing Bitcoin social signals and trends and comparing these metrics to historical Bitcoin price fluctuations in order to model the underlying trend in the BTC/USD ratio. The BTC/USD trend model will employ artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine learning simulations to make predictions about future trends and then estimate a BTC/USD ratio at a specified date. The two models will be calculated independently of one another, and then multiplied to predict the CA/CC pricing in USD at a specified future date.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


573 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


509 days ago


Token Distribution


For Token Sale 85 %
For Company and Advisor 12 %
For Bounty 3 %

Uses of proceeds


Portofolio 80 %
Technology Development
5 %
Legal and Administrative 10 %
Reserved 5 %



KAIRAT KALIEYV Business Advisor
JAMES JAMIL Legal Advisory
BENJAMIN FINCH Strategic Advisor
IHOR PIDRUCHNY Technology Advisor
DAVID M. WIRTH Data Science Advisor


Dec 2017

   >> Token sale live

Jan 2018

   >> Token sale completed, fund closed

Feb 2018

   >> Fund audit by KPMG completed

Feb 2018

   >> Funds deployed into crypto-markets and real estate

Marc 2018

   >> First quarterly profit distribution to token holders

July 2018 

   >> Caviar Platform general availability

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