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4NEW Token Sale

4NEW Token Sale

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4New is the first blockchain solution in the world for waste to energy conversion. It’s a tangible and eco-friendly solution that is taking the world by storm. 4New is currently offering coins for investors who are interested in getting involved with the first-ever waste to energy conversion and treatment facility. It will be entirely based on the blockchain network.

4New is based on the idea that waste to energy conversion is a new necessity. They claim 4New will solve multiple problems that the entire world is facing: waste is in surplus and energy is running out. By using 4New, these social and global issues will be remedied and the environment, and people, will benefit.

4NEW Limited is the world’s first blockchain integrated Waste to Energy public utility treatment plant. 4NEW will revolutionize Waste and Energy industries by offering services as a wholesaler within the Utilities sector that is fully integrated onto an open source, decentralized public exchange enabling consumers and industry peers alike to trade their 4NEW Coins towards payments within the 4NEW ecosystem.

The supply chain will go from the collection of waste to the conversion and generation process that will supply electricity. This electricity will be sold in units to the national grid.

Why 4NEW Is Lucrative?

On top of the concept behind 4New being a ground-breaking way to reduce waste and produce energy, 4New is also utilitarian in nature. It’s lucrative because everyone uses electricity on a regular basis, and waste will never stop being produced. 4New sees it like this: rather than trying to reduce the amount of waste produced or reduce the amount of energy we consume—since both are inevitable to some degree—why not instead harness the energy that can be produced by this waste? That’s what drives 4New forward.

4New says they will successfully integrate the real-world waste disposal process with blockchain technology to take that waste, convert it to energy, and sell those energy units.

4NEW Coin Offerings

4New is offering coins throughout October, November, and December 2017. The decentralized blockchain network 4New runs on uses the 4New Coins as a currency. These coins will be used in all transactions for acquiring and selling waste and energy. The ledger of 4New will contain all transactions and will display an auditable journal of every purchase and sale 4New carries out. All parties involved or associated with each transaction will be able to see the ledger entry—including potential disputes, reconciliation, and revenue leakage, which will all be controlled as much as possible.

4NEW Conclusion

4New claims they will standardize the waste and energy industries, which they describe as two industries in dire need of innovation and technological integration. They also foresee the 4New Coin becoming the global currency of peers and consumers for any waste or energy related services they seek. In addition to this information, 4New provides a wealth of other insight into their company and development plans.

Altogether, they claim their management team has over 300 years of combined experience and their research claims they’ll be able to provide a 15% to 20% savings to consumers. They also promise zero impact on the environment and compliance with all government regulations and standardized best practices.

In addition to offering a tangible value, 4New is fully blockchain integrated and has plans for state-of-the-art Smart Meters and a highly-regulated industry trading platform.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


586 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


556 days ago


Token Distribution


For Token Sale 75 %
For Founders and Insiders 25 %

Uses of proceeds


Plant Development 70 %
10 %
Working Capital 10 %
Blockchain Development 5 %
Marketing 5 %



Matt O'Donnell Payments & Blockchain Specialist
Richard Todd Waste specialist
J T Rao Smart Meter Solutions
Ashraf Agha Treasury & Blockchain Specialist
Marcus Ubl Business Advisory
Darshana Ubl Business Advisory
Victor Buchanan Waste to Energy
Andrew Springett Waste to Energy
Sandeep Golechha CEO
Peter Teasdale COO


Dec 15, 2017

   >> 4NEW Initial Coin Offering Closing

Dec 15 2017

   >> 4NEW listed on cryptocurrency exchanges for live trading

Q1 2018

   >> Complete purchase of three 4NEW plant sites with planning
permissions & regulatory licenses in place already identified

Q2 2018

   >> Begin installation of Waste to Energy Plant on all three sites
Complete Blockchain platform integration with 4NEW Smart
Meter Market trial and testing of 4NEW Smart Meter system
with Blockchain

Q3 2018

   >> Marketing efforts to build community awareness of 4NEW
services Develop and initiate relationships with key aggregators
with access to wholesale quan to wholesale quantity of waste
Stress test or beta test blockchain platform prior to going live

Dec 2018 

   >> Installation of Waste to Energy Plants complete and
facilities operational

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