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VLB Tokens

VLB Tokens

Blockchain Fuel for the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry

Review Project

Automotive space is immense in terms of market value and breadth of various sectors that it is comprised of. In Europe and North America the size of the vehicle lifecycle industry is upwards of $1.8 trillion and encompasses such sectors as: vehicle sales, after market spare parts, car insurance, auto finance, and auto repair. Uniting these segregated sectors into a cohesive blockchain-based ecosystem exposes myriads of exciting business opportunities and streamlines existing industry practices.

There are two aspects of the interactions between the participants of the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry that make blockchain advantageous as the underlying technology behind modernizing the relationships in the industry. These two aspects of paramount importance are: i) integrity and recency of records, and ii) conditionality of certain relationships.

First, accuracy and immutability of records is essential for enforcing various warranty protections, maximizing resale value of vehicles, ascertaining the authenticity of spare parts, achieving more accurate and cost effective insurance claim management, monitoring the adherence to various recommendations to business partners, and optimizing insurance policy pricing through reliable actuarial inputs.

Second, formation of certain legal and operational relationships between industry participants may be contingent upon specific conditions being met. For example, an auto loan may only be granted if the car owner takes out an insurance policy from a provider acceptable to the lender. Or a title may be transferred from the seller to the buyer only if it is free from any encumbrances. While this aspect does not need the continuity of blockchain per se, it can be effectively addressed through the use of smart contracts.

CarFix is the developer of Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain that has already created a broad ecosystem of industry players in the vehicle lifecycle industry and is currently selling VLB Tokens to develop the blockchain to support it.

Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain and the interface software initially developed by CarFix, opens up opportunities for integration with other blockchains and other software engineers to develop purpose built applications to solve wide ranging commercial and operational issues for industry participants and players in auxiliary sectors.

These are just some of the possibilities that can be supported by the VLB Token fueled blockchain:

  • Driverless car software can be integrated into the blockchain to prompt vehicles to obtain regular maintenance services at certain mileage milestones. A maintenance record in the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain would be required in order for the software to allow the driverless vehicle to operate. A fleet management company or such vehicle owner would be able to verify that the maintenance job was performed at an authorized repair shop with authorized spare parts at an algorithmically determined fixed price.
  • An OEM supply chain blockchain could be integrated with Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain to verify the authenticity of installed spare parts to prevent the use of faulty or damaged parts and “knockoffs”.
  • Car sharing and “car as a service” applications can be integrated into the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain in order to prevent clients from using poorly maintained, damaged or otherwise unsafe vehicles.
  • There are numerous IoT integration opportunities that can be exploited by both established Industry Participants and disruptive newcomers to leverage the power of the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


574 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


554 days ago


Token Distribution


For Pre-ICO 20 000 000 VLB
For ICO 200 000 000 VLB
For maintainance by CarFix 20 000 000 VLB
For Advisors and Bounty 10 000 000 VLB

Uses of proceeds


Development 35 %
Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain
20 %
Blockchain Interface Software 20 %
Operations 15 %
Reserved 10 %



Oskar Hartmann CO-FOUNDER
Paul Nazarov CO-FOUNDER
Vladimir Lupenko CO-FOUNDER
Maxim Manturov CTO
Maksim Kurguzov CMO
Alexander Kucherov HEAD OF SALES


Nov 2017

   >> Gross sales of $1 million per month, ICO

Dec 2017

   >> Build a fully staffed development and programming team.

Marc 2018

   >> 1 millionth customer on the CarFix platform, gross sales of
$10 million per month

Jun 2018

   >> Alpha version of Vehicle lifecycle blockchain

   >> CarFix ecosystem to include 800 – 1,000 repairs shops, key regional
insurance companies and auto lenders, major vehicle manufacturers and
their dealer networks,as well as all leading OEM’s via their existing
distribution networks, full operational deployment in the US

Sept 2018

   >> Beta version of Vehicle lifecycle blockchain

Dec 2018 

   >> Stage 1: Vehicle lifecycle blockchain deployed across the entire
CarFix ecosystem

   >> Gross sales of $50 million per month

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