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Bazista Token Sale

Bazista Token Sale

Recommended Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrency Users

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Bazista—Recommended Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrency Users

Today, many people attract to join cryptocurrency business. Talking about cryptocurrency, it is a good choice to get so many benefits. Cryptocurrency refers to the use of digital currency. It means we don’t use real money, but digital currency has developed so much day by day. Many people choose cryptocurrency because every transaction of cryptocurrency is more transparent. No wonder if today we will find so many platforms that relate to cryptocurrency. For example is Bazista, it is recommended platform for you who want to buy or sell goods and service by using cryptocurrency. To know more about cryptocurrency values and Bazista, you can read some information below.

What is Bazista?

As mentioned before, Bazista will help people who want to use cryptocurrency when doing transaction. There are some participants that will be included in Bazista, such as seller and buyer. In real life, buyer and seller may be not able to see transparent transaction. But it will not happen anymore when you use Bazista. Bazista helps buyer and seller to buy or sell goods and service by using cryptocurrency. Because of using cryptocurrency, buyer and seller will be easier to do transaction and also see more transparent transaction. Not only that, cryptocurrency makes buyer and seller’s privation always protected. Why? It is because transaction in digital currency is safer than manual transaction.

Today, cryptocurrency has developed so much. It is a chance for you to join cryptocurrency and get so many benefits by using useful platform such as Bazista. There will be so many benefits you will get if you use Bazista. The main point is, Bazista has mission to create effective way for buying and selling service or goods by using cryptocurrency. Different cryptocurrencies can be used in Bazista, so every person who has joined cryptocurrency can use Bazista as trusted platform. About how to do transaction, Bazista uses e-commerce or internet to make transaction can be done easily.

Why We Need to Use Bazista?

We have known that today, people usually like buying or selling goods or service through internet. It happens because internet users always grow day by day. You may be so surprise about the fact of internet users. Various countries have so many internet users. For example is China, which has 710 million internet users. It is a chance for us to maximize the benefit of cryptocurrency. You can imagine if many internet users join cryptocurrency and Bazista, we will get so many benefits from it. The main point is, buyer and seller who join Bazista will get more benefits when many internet users join Bazista too.

Bazista helps facilitate buyer and seller to do transaction easily because Bazista cooperates with market giants such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. Web interface of Bazista makes every user feels so easy to sell or buy goods. By doing some clicks, you can buy or sell goods and service, and also create advertisements. We also use complex user rating and internal token system to make transaction more perfect and transparent. Bazista also offers discount on goods, commission free transaction and access to unique offers.

Advantages for Buyers

As mentioned before, buyer and seller can get so many benefits when using Bazista as their exchange platform. Now, let’s we mention some advantages for buyers who use Bazista as their exchange platform. First, buyer in Bazista can buy goods or service in few clicks without register themselves. It means buying process can be done easily without doing difficult steps. Not only that, there is no hidden commission when you become buyer in Bazista.

Second, buyers don’t have to pay for tax. Yes, buying goods using cryptocurrency is non-accessable, it means you don’t have to pay for tax. Finally, your expenses will reduce and you can save your money to buy other thing. Not only that, buyer can pay for goods or service easily because all type of cryptocurrency allowed in Bazista. It makes payment becomes simple and doesn’t require much time. And the last, buyer will also get advantage because Bazista allows buyer to use internal tokens. Internal tokens will give so many benefits because buyer can enjoy discount up to 70% and also buy promotional goods.

Advantage for Sellers

Actually, Bazista not only gives advantages for buyers, but also gives advantages for sellers. Sellers will get so many advantages when using Bazista as their exchange platform. First, seller will not expend too much cost for selling their goods or service in Bazista. Yes, Bazista requires low commission for seller, even free transaction that will make sellers fee so satisfied with Bazista. Sellers will enjoy selling their goods or services because they will not expend too much cost for it.

Second, sellers will also feel satisfied because of instant payment. Manual payment may require much time that makes you feel so annoying to wait payment. But in Bazista, instant payment will make you easy to get your money because of using cryptocurrency. As mentioned before, cryptocurrency makes every transaction can be done easily, fast, and also safe.

The last is about additional marketing tools. With Bazista, seller will be able to use additional marketing tools. It allows you to get fees from other users who want to sell your goods or service. Finally, you will get more benefits and feel so satisfied because of it. Even, users who want to sell seller’s good will also get benefits.

Yes, users who create advertisement about good sold by seller will also get many benefits in Bazista. Why? It is because when there is buyer who want to buy the good from seller promoted by that user, that user will get fee. So, we can conclude that Bazista will give so many benefits for every user. So, you don’t have to be doubt to use Bazista.

Well, those are some explanation for you about Bazista. From the explanation above, we can conclude that Bazista is recommended platform to sell or buy goods and service by using cryptocurrency. With Bazista, we will aware about cryptocurrency values, how much is bitcoin today, and get more benefit in cryptocurrency field.

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Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


534 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


481 days ago


Token Distribution


For Crowdsale 321 200 000 BZS (73%)
For Founders and team 66 000 000 BZS (15%)
For Marketing 17 600 000 BZS (4%)
For Pre-ICO 13 200 000 BZS (3%)
For Advisors 13 200 000 BZS (3%)
For Bounty Program 8 800 000 BZS (2%)

Bounty Campaign


Translation Campaign 40%
Blog Campaign
Facebook Campaign 15%
Twitter Campaign 20%



Vakhtang Abuladze CEO
Denis Sholokhov CMO
Maksim Orlov CTO
Mikhail Kokin Graphic/UX designer
Alina Polianskikh Head of PR
Tatiana Gomzicova SMM and PR Manager
aTriz Campaign Advisor
Denis Kurilchik Crowdsale Advisor
Vladislav Bermuda Marketing Advisor
Warren Whitlock ICO Advisor


4Q 2017

   >> Launch of Pre-ICO and ICO

   >> Roll out of the first Bazista platform prototype

1Q 2018

   >>Promotion campaign in India and Asia Pacific region.

2Q 2018

   >>Bazista beta release.

2Q 2018

   >> Retailers recruitment campaign launch.

3Q 2018

   >> Bazista neural network and AI test integration

4Q 2018

   >> Finalising Bazista platform web and mobile app.

   >> Marketing analytics dashboard launch.

   >> Mass market adoption.

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