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Hut34 Project

Hut34 Project

Powering the global knowledge economy

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For now there are already many different applications that we can access with the internet, whether it's social media applications, game apps, applications for companies, businesses, and others. in the next few years can be expected to increase the growth of the global population, the adoption of digital lifestyle en masse.

This time I will discuss what is AI (Artificial Intelligence), AI is a new technology that will take us in artificial intelligence to the area that few and can dream of. AI will provide information, not only in industry and its users will start to have conversations with hyperersonalized scale using AI agents. Using Blockchain Technologies and tokens provides breakthroughs in designing decentralized networks and systems, serving and strengthening the democratization of knowledge growth, and access to digital resources in the world.

According to estimates the AI ​​market will grow from $ 8 billion in 2016 and will grow by more than $ 47 billion by 2020. The Internet of Things (IOT) has an unprecedented global economic impact. Measurements and data collection have grown rapidly at an exponential rate. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon use their data sets to focus both control and economic knowledge for financial gain.

Hut34 is an ICO project that seeks to realize an open computerized ethos and through the use of distributed ledger technology. Hut34 aims to distribute the power of information, data, and knowledge from multiple people to be sent to many people.

You can get many benefits if you invest in ICO HUT34, 4 advantages that you will get:

End Users of Services

The Hut34 Network is designed to provide consumers with the information and services they want in the easiest and easiest way to use. End users will find it easy to access every service available on this platform without the need to look for specific questions.

Domain and Academic Experts

Connections to the Hut34 network allow domain experts, or those with the knowledge to be able to spread their knowledge among users across networks across the Hut34 network.

Bots and Builder Service

Network Hut34 empowers developers by providing access to a global network of information and users. This will support developers who provide further channels to monetize their knowledge or services. By connecting to a network, developers can change their projects, processes, ideas, or knowledge about a company that is distributed globally without being private, allowing them to focus on their technical work. By developing collaboratively the usefulness of all connected network bots, developers can maximize user retention by minimizing situations where users are forced to go to other services.


The Hut34 network provides direct access to a large number of consumers, which can be easily and automatically targeted by demographics, location, language and indigenous interests. Industries that are also connected with Hut Network34 have access to a global expertise base for their own interests. Employees can take advantage of the services provided by the network to increase productivity, or service customers can be improved by providing contextual content that is relevant to the client, which is very important not to be generated by businesses from various industries.

Those are the benefits you will get if you invest in Hut34. Entropy sales begin October 19th, 2017. Entropy is the ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which drives the Hut Network34.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


599 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


564 days ago


Token Distribution


Token Sale Contributors 50 %
For Team & Advisor 20 %
For Reserved 30 %

Bounty Distribution


BitcoinTalk ​Signature 30 %
Blog ​Article ​& ​Video
30 %
Future Contest or Bonuses 12 %
Creative Support 3 %
Translation 25 %



Timothy McNamara B.Sc System Architect
Peter Godbolt Blockchain Technology
Nicholas McDowell B.Eng Technology
Paweł Mordaszewski B.Sc Full Stack Engineer
Shahbaz Khurram M.Comp Sc Full Stack Engineer
Fred Westling B.Eng B.Sc Computer Scientist & Engineer
Benjamin Kassel B.A Communication


Q2 2018

   >> An alpha version of the monetised Hut34 stack will be released in Q2 2018. At this stage, developers may establish Huts and purchase ENT, with the first release of the ranking and routing functionality.

Q3 2018

   >> By the end of the third quarter of 2018, the Hut34 Platform will be made available to bot builders and marketers, along with a full beta version of Hut34 networking capabilities. A portion of Entropy Foundation currency will be used to discount transactions during this time to encourage development, and feedback and usage statistics will be collected in order to improve features and network performance.

Q4 2018

   >> The fully-functional Hut34 network will be released Q4 2018. Network operations will have been significantly tested and iterated and the entire system will have a year ofl user testing.This will ensure the network is robust and ready to scale, prerequisites for a successful project.

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