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Democratizing Lending with Ethereum Network

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The crypto business and industry is very popular right now. People are very enthusiastic to follow and engage in the development of this industry. Just look at now, how Bitcoin and Ethereum have a very high exchange rate. People will be increasingly eyeing crypto products to build their business.

In the future, a technological advancement will become a model of great interest to businesspeople. This is very visible from the number of investors who crowded plunge into the crypto industry. Already like the industry in general there will be capital and parties involved in the continuity of this crypto industry.

To run a business people will need a large capital. Fulfillment of these capital requirements will be crucial in the success of a business. Companies with large capital strength will easily develop and run the projects they are working on.

The same is true in the crypto industry. People or companies will also need capital for their business and project plans. Users can borrow Ether, a digital token used to run the Ethereal Blockchain Network, using other digital tokens issued on the Ethereal Blockchain network. Usage seeks to ensure loan repayment. From now on, lenders can lend Ether without the risk of losing capital.

Giving cryptocurrency will increase in the next few years. There are significant developments in the use of Ether globally and especially in Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan. The result generates more demand for Ether loans. Previously lending Ether (or cryptocurrency) does not make sense because there is no guarantee that the borrower will repay the loan again. But with this latest innovation, all borrowers and lenders will be well managed so that it will benefit both.

ETHLend is a company that provides services to parties who want to borrow a crypto token. The lending process will be governed by smart contracts so that the transactions that take place will go well and not harm either party.

This is the answer to the many people who need crypto to run the business they are planning. In this way it will build a healthy and stable business industry for all parties involved in their business. They now do not have to worry about the capital they need because ETHLend will facilitate you.

EthLend allows secured loans to Ethereal users. The borrower submits a loan request. The loan demand created an intelligent contract in Blockain Ethereal. Furthermore, the borrower inserts data into smart contracts, such as loan amount, premium (interest rate) and time to borrow.

The borrower then enters their digital token address and the number of tokens used as collateral. After all data is set, the borrower transfers the token to a smart contract. After doing the process, the lender can fund the loan.

If the borrower does not repay the loan on time, the smart contract will automatically transfer the digital token to the Ethereal address of the lender. From this point on, the lender can store or sell digital tokens on a crypto exchange to cover the losses.

Token Sale

  • Token sale price: 1 ETH = 25 000 LEND.
  • Token sale cap is 1 000 000 000 LEND (Deducted by the amount of the pre-sold tokens).
  • Minimum amount to participate: 0.01 ETH.

Bonus tokens

  • 10% bonus tokens for the first 200 000 000 LEND.
  • 5% bonus tokens for the next 100 000 000 LEND.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


604 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


590 days ago


LEND is distributed immediately once ETH is send to the crowdsale smart contract. This solution provides more security since the crowdsale smart contract mints LEND when ETH is received. Therefore, participants can send smaller amounts to verify whether they have received LEND. Instant distribution is fair since the participants do not need to wait for weeks to access the tokens. Instead once ETH is received, LEND is minted and sent to the participants address.

Bounty Distribution


BitcoinTalk ​Signature 7,5 million LEND
Blog ​Article ​& ​Video
5 million LEND
Social ​Media 7,5 million LEND
Translations 5 million LEND



Stani Kulechov Founder
Jordan Lazaro Gustave Head of Management
Martin Wichmann Director and Head of Compliance
Maris Kaneps Head of Token Sale
Jitendra Chittoda Technical Advisor
Adnan Javed Legal Advisor
Sergej Stein Financial Advisor & Blog
Kersten Schütze Head of Corporate Strategy
Nolvia Serrano Media Correspondent
Kelly Pope Social Media
Jon Matonis Bitcoin Foundation
Professor Wulf Kaal Law & Finance
Ada Jonuse Blockchain Activist
Amin Rafiee Pope Cryptocurrency Investor
Robert Viglione Co-Founder of ZenCash


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  • LEND Token Sale on Q4 2017
  • Relocating to Zug, Switzerland on Q1 2018
  • Promoting to get LEND on Exchanges from Q1 2018
  • Airdrops for LEND starts on Q1 2018
  • Opening Suggestions Venue for Public on Q4 2018
  • Creating and Testing Democracy DAO on Q4 2018
  • Voting on Suggestions Deployed on Q1 2019
  • Vesting for LEND Ends on Q4 2019

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