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Smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business.

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Jincor is a platform which will allow any business to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments easily with no legal, technical or operational complications and in a cost-efficient manner. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at the time, their team build products, that will include smart contracts constructor, cryptocurrency payments, and even digital jurisdiction to work out the right judgements on unclear matters in smart contracts.

There will be a charge-free functionality of the platform that is needed to ease the entry barriers and let the organizations appraise the usability and benefits of Jincor ecosystem.It will include company registration, creating data about company’s employees and assigning the roles and, of course, using intra-corporate and inter-corporate highly secure messenger that will allow to find the right person to reach out in a company and make sure that the proposal will be received. Much more features will be delivered on a paid basis.such us :

Digital verification of companies (which is needed for any crypto transaction to make business operations fully compliant with major regulators requirements)

Setting up enterprise and individual cryptocurrency accounts;Getting access to a range of financial instruments, such as bills overdrafts, factoring and etc.

Enterprise digital signatures;Using a construction set for creating and execution of corporate smart contracts (based on labor, property, contractual and other relations)

Appealing to a decentralized arbitration system for litigation within the digital jurisdiction

Or purchasing more apps available at the Marketplace for Enterprice App Integrations within the platform.

Smart Contracts. Currently, most global market’s participants are conscious of the advantages of smart contracts. Transaction cost savings, global horizon for any small-scale business, absolute trust between parties — all these benefits make companies look more closely at the possibilities for implementation of smart contracts in their workflow,just in the way it has already happened to cryptocurrencies.

However, one of the main hurdles to the mass adoption of smart contracts is high barriers to entry. Programming of smart contracts is a considerable expense for a company and requires the so-called codelawyers with a very rare set of skills to serve on the staff.

Jincor’s mission is to let companies create smart contracts without any technological or juridical insight. We develop a smart contracts construction set based on our own blockchain, which will allow any web user to create a smart contract and write it to the blockchain; automatic performance of its issues will start immediately after that.In the end,the whole process will be no harder for users than making purchases online.

Moreover, Jincor provides proper environment for complete implmentation of smart contracts, which includes blockchain ecosystem, digital verification mechanisms,e-signature and also a decentralized arbitation system, which allows to settle arising disputes in the most reasonable and unbiased way (an article about it is coming soon). To create smart contracts at the platform the companies will need JCR tokens in hand, or they can also create a request to Jincor to purchase a desired amount of tokens.

How it works

The contract takes force as soon as both parties sign it with e-signature and requires specific elements in order to be executed automatically. For instance, a first order requirement is the presence of cryptocurrency accounts of those involved.In other world,the executable code should have unhindered access to the smart contracts objects.Besides that,all of the smart contract conditions should be described mathematically and have a clear execution logic, and this is the reason why the first smart contracts in Jincor will be based on the simplest corporate relations, which involve just a few elements. Given that code has the full access to the objects of an agreement, its execution and compliaance will be handled automatically with account for the fulfillment of the smart contract conditions. To sum up,smart contracts automate contractual business relations and provide the following applications.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


586 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


541 days ago


In order to fully exploit the potential of Jincor ecosystem, reach a critical mass of industry players participating and get to the global market as soon as possible, we are going to raise extra funding by running an ICO campaign. We have issued 35,000,000 JCR tokens, 4% of which were sold at pre-ICO in August, and another 76% will be put on sale during ICO in November at a starting price of $1. Thus, the total amount of money we are planning to raise comes to $27M. JCR tokens will play an integral role in Jincor’s business model and act as a native currency for all the services provided by the platform.


For Pre-sale : 4%
For Incentives : 8%
For Jincor Team : 12 %
For Sale (ICO) : 76 %


Vladislav Kirichenko - CEO & Co-Founder

Vagan Abelyan - COO & Co-Founder

Tomas Kärner - CBDO & Legal Advisor

George Paliani - International Ambassador

Andrey Degtyaruk - CTO & Blockchain expert

Aidar Ibatullin - Middle Front-End Engineer

Artem Pikulin - Full-Stack Engineer

Khasan Erkenov - Product & Conceptual Design

Alexandra Samuilkina - Content manager

Anton Lysakov - Community manager

Alexandr Sedelnikov - Backend Engineer

Alexandr Isaev - Frontend Engineer

Alexandr Shaikhanov - Backend Engineer

Anastasia Balashova - Head of Marketing

Anton Atsekhovskyy - Digital Marketing

Vladislav Belousov - Community Manager


October 2017
Public beta launch

November 2017
Invoicing & billing system implementation.
Channel partner program launch

December 2017
Finishing up the crowdfunding campaign and distributing JCR tokens among supporters.
Listing on exchange platforms

January 2018
2000+ business customers.
Rolling out mobile apps for iOS and Android

April 2018
Getting to the global market, localization. Adding enterprise app integrations, digital verification of companies

June 2018
Enterprise digital signatures integration

Q3 2018
3000+ business customers. Enterprise multisig wallets, blockchain asset transactions, B2E (business-to-employee) payments etc.

Q4 2018
Enterprise smart contracts, decentralized arbitration system, blockchain-based corporate management, stock issuance and shareholders transactions, dividend payments

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