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CrowdWiz ICO

CrowdWiz ICO

Liberated ecosystem of investors

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CrowdWiz is a legal entity that makes WIZ tokens for ecosystems and business models. CrowdWiz focuses on open source cryptographic that enables decentralization of networks on the platform. CrowdWiz also performs several important roles to support the success of the platform.

The platform will create a CrowdWiz Token (WIZ) that will be used to develop and operate the CrowdWiz platform.Establish models and also execute financial services in a safe, transparent, democratic and decentralized manner.Provide incentives for service providers and technology, financial service providers and entrepreneurs.Develope the technology needed to run platforms, such as Ethereum's SmartContract which will be used to execute financial services.Released CrowdWiz App, so users can participate, make proposals and also vote on investment opportunities.And promote the CrowdWiz network by collaboration and promotion.

WIZ Token is implements Ethereum ERC20 technology. Ethereum features SmartContract which can be used to transact securely on the platform. Ethereum is very coocked with CrowdWiz's needs where tokens can be tailored to the needs of the platform, and can also be easily distributed. The total supply from WIZ Token is 40,000,000 WIZ.

CorwdWiz is a decentralized next generation investment ecosystem. The main purpose of CrowdWiz is to introduce democratization and decentralization of the platform to the people, which will make it easier for people to trade cryptocurrency.

This platform is an ecosystem that relieves depositors of the need to use intermediary services. Advanced technology makes it very flexible. All participants are entitled to vote, an opportunity to make decisions about investing based on their own judgment. Free tokens holder to invest in existing funds, create your own. Thanks to a progressive software master, this process is as easy as possible.

CrowdWiz will be transparent and fair, which allows one to be free to invest and have full control without the use of third parties and also investors will be guided to become independent investors. Blockchain technology can eliminate the existence of third parties, thereby reducing costs and also will increase revenue / profits. So investors have full control over the decisions that will be made.

The WizFund platform is a liberated investor ecosystem, bringing flexibility and freedom through advanced technology. Each member has the right to choose and make decisions on where and how the funds should be invested. Free holder tokens invest in newly created funds or set up their own WizFunds. Software wizard will guide you through the process.

Funds, portfolio types, voting mechanisms, IFO (Initial Fund Offering) and funding sizes include a comprehensive list of various parameters that can be prepared. The platform will be open to a variety of social investor numbers and groups - from family and colleagues, to the entire environment and cities, or even countries and continents, all whose citizens share a common purpose.


Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


583 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


553 days ago


15% >> Team
10% >> Save
10% >> Platform Development
65% >> For ICO

Investors can provide support by purchasing Token WIZ. Later, the WIZ token will be available in a large exchanger to provide the WIZ token's liquidity.

The token sale is expected to sell 26,000,000 tokens. From the sale the company estimates it will earn a minimum 5,000,000 USD and maximum 20,000,000 USD. The price token at ICO is 1 WIZ = 1 USD.


Michael Golod - Co-Founder and CEO
Slavena Savcheva - Co-Founder and BizDev
Martin Parvanov - Trading Product Manager
Stan Kirilov - UI/UX Strategist
Dror Levy - Blockchain Architect
Alexander Lvovich - Software Architect
Orlin Benov - Solidity Developer
Radoslav Hristov - Back-End Developer
Deanne Kalev - QA Manager
Georgi Stamatov - R&D Manager
Sergey Minkov - Senior IT Architect
Alexandra Poier - Community Manager
Benjamin Truman - Online Marketing
Stanislav Staykov - SEO
Plamena Getova - HR
Nadezhda Kasabova - Finance Manager
Ilan Tzorya - Founder & Managing Partner at Krypton Capital
Richard Titus - Entrepreneur
Gal Barak - Entrepreneur
Boris Zeleny - Entrepreneur & Investor
Michael Greenberg - Founder and CEO of Finance Magnates
Marc Kenigsberg - Founder of
Simon Grunfeld - Founder & Executive Director of Ibinex
Delzar Khalaf - CEO of ICO Backers
Jonathan Millet - Founder of NewsBTC
Nashwan Khatib - Entrepreneur & Blockchain Architect
Andrei Veressov - Founding Partner and attorney at Bright Law
Ayelet Noff - Founder and CEO of Blonde2.0

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