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Earth Token

Earth Token

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Earth Token is a crypto currency token created by an Impact Choice platform company engaged in environmental improvement, this token is a digital currency with an ERC-based standard 20. By combining blockchain and crypto currency, the Impact Choice platform using Earth Token creates the right solution in preserving the environment to establish a global nature market asset that removes barriers to participation in environmental conservation activities and appreciates the growing and growing market value. By using Earth Token (ETN) platform users can accelerate global conservation efforts and change the market of $ 120 trillion of natural capital assets by allowing the market to grow naturally and reach great potential. Fund controls on Earth Token itself will be held with a multi-sig wallet and all token sales information is available on the official Earth Token site.

In its own exchange market, Earth Token is a simple solution dedicated to complex environmental issues. The Natural Asset Exchange platform itself is a blockchain-based platform with token sales that is evidence of an early sign of contract cryptococcus. With this, Earth Token provides a unique opportunity to completely transform the total market of natural capital assets by creating a natural market asset that allows all users to participate. Not only that, with the creation of Earth Token, this platform can serve as a driver of demand for natural assets through the provision of unique environmental conservation solutions. Earth Token also allows its users to cope with and adapt to climate change and create differentiated values ​​to help them build equity and market share.

And with an advanced technology platform, it allows platform users to identify and share environmental impacts in mitigation efforts against specific activities related to product revenue and service delivery. Following mitigation mechanisms and predetermined costs, the Earth Token solution enables its users to engage their customers in their efforts to increase their crypto assets in their business, distribute the burden and have an opportunity to take responsibility for the environment with all who wish to participate in expanding reach and increasing the impact of conservation efforts throughout their territory. Not only that Earth Token also provides a solution to overcome the environmentally friendly fuel, ie climate neutral fuel solutions by approaching a turnkey system for fuel companies that can improve the operational efficiency of combustion equipment. Such as fuel vehicles, generators and other assets that are very important for business and industry.

By combining a proven technology with asset monitoring and management capabilities that can result in efficient upgrades, reducing fuel costs and reducing harmful emissions associated with fuel combustion. This mechanism also allows platform users to compensate for residual emissions. With this many platform users are experiencing net financial benefits by implementing climate neutral fuel solutions that generate savings as well as they can use to supplement in funding efforts in environmental conservation. By using Eart tokens, platform users will also find solutions to convert waste into energy, energy generated not from any waste but from primary waste by creating synthetic fuel from the material and using it as a component in the energy creation process.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


584 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


556 days ago


The token circulating in the ecosystem is Earth Token (EARTH) with Ethereum ERC20 type. Means you can use MyEtherWallet to send and receive EARTH. Total tokens that will be available maximum is 1 billion tokens (1,000,000,000 EARTH).

Token sale begins : October 23, 2017
Token sale duration : 23 days
Minimum purchase : 1 ETH / 0.1 BTC
Minimum target : 40,000 ETH
Maximum target : 200,000 ETH

Bonus scheme:

Pre-ICO: 5200 EARTH per 0.1BTC or 1 ETH (30% bonus)

Stage 1: 4800 EARTH / 0.1BTC or 1 ETH (20% bonus)
Stage 2: 4400 EARTH / 0.1BTC or 1 ETH (10% bonus)
Stage 3: 4000 EARTH / 0.1BTC or 1 ETH


Angus Rowe - Co-founder & Chairman

Leonard Harley - Co-founder & Managing Director - IT director

Peter Newell - Operations Director & Acting Financial Director

Allan Saunders - Marketing Director & Product Development Director

Dennis Stone - Advisor

Jason Berry - Advisor

Wes Carlson - Advisor

Carrington Phillip - Advisor

Dr. Brian Robertson - Advisor

Joeri Pross - Advisor

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